Our Homeschoolers

Our oldest homeschoolers are Ellie and Alina we adopted them from Latvia in the fall of 2014. 

Ellie is 16 years old and had never been to a real school in her own country. She was taught self help skills but that is where it stopped. She also spent the last 13 years with undiagnosed hearing loss and now is hearing for the first time ever with her "magic ears" (hearing aids). She also has very poor vision and can only see 6 inches from her face without glasses. She had never been diagnosed with vision loss before and is finally seeing things around her for the first time ever!
We are working on a preschool-kindergarten program for Ellie to help her start building those building blocks to begin on the path of learning. 

Alina is 16 years old and has attended school in her own country to grade 4. She is doing very well and has already mastered reading at a second grade level in English!! We will be back tracking some of her learning as she needs to master the English language and also to fill in several gaps that we have been discovering in her other subjects.

Rowan is 6 years old and was adopted in 2016 from Ukraine at the age of 5. He will be part of our Kindergarten program.

Veronika is 5 years old and was adopted at the age of 12 months from Ukraine in 2012. She will be part of our kindergarten program.

 Gavyn is 5 years old and he was adopted at the age of 10 months from Ukraine in 2012. He will be part of our kindergarten program.
 Willow Mae is 4 years old and was adopted at the age of 3 years from Ukraine in 2016. She will be part of our Kindergarten program.


Why are you homeschooling? We started homeschooling YEARS and YEARS ago when our oldest two daughters (who are now adults) were young. It was a perfect fit. Sadly, due to financial circumstances  I had to go to work and we could no longer homeschool. Thankfully, I am back to being a stay at home mom and we CAN homeschool again. Our 15 year old wanted to be homeschooled and I could not have been more thrilled. We homeschool because we beleive our children can get a better education at home, than in public school. We homeschool because we believe that children need to spend more time focusing on learning than they do about focusing on what other kids are wearing, saying, doing. We are homeschooling because we believe that having the ability to tailor your child's education to their own learning style is better than a cookie cutter style education that public schools offer. We believe that when a child is growing up, while having a peer group is important, having them exposed to kids who swear, do drugs, are in gangs, or are not Christians, is not how we want to bring up our kids. We want our children to have the chance to learn who they are while they are growing up, rather than trying to be like everyone else.

 Are Gavyn and Veronika twins?  Veronika and Gavyn are not twins, they are actually two months apart in age with Veronika being the older of the two. They were both adopted from Eastern Europe and have been home since the summer of 2012.

Are Ellie and Alina twins?  Ellie and Alina are not twins, they are 4 days apart in age and are not related biologically. They had never meet before we started our adoption process. Their adoption became complete in Fall 2014.

Do any of your children have special needs? Our 19year old has type one diabetes, but she is not being homeschooled. She graduated from High School and is currently at University. She certainly does not let having diabetes slow her down! Our 18 year old son has severe asthma, other than that he has no other special needs. Veronika and Gavyn have Down syndrome. They have come such a long way since being adopted and they amaze us each and every day. Ellie and Alina also have Down syndrome and were adopted at age 13. Ellie also has hearing loss and wears hearing aids. Rowan and Willow Mae have FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). Willow Mae also has a cleft lip and cleft palate that has been repaired since her adoption.

Don't you worry about socialization? I find this question a little funny. One of the reasons we are homeschooling is too MUCH socialization going on in public school. Our 18 year old would get little comments on report cards when he was attending public school that said... needs to stop talking in class, needs to focus more, needs to socialize less, when he was younger. I want my kids to LEARN when they are doing school work, not worry about what the kid next to them is doing, or who has the coolest clothes or shoes, or who said what to whom. I think there are a LOT of places for kids to socialize, I do not need to send them to school to do that. 

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  1. Rebecca...Best Thoughts on your new adventure. Look forward to staying posted on your progress. However, please also factor keeping up with Veronika and Gavyn as part of your daily exercise. You ARE busy!