We have had a few questions about our adoption and we thought we would do a special Q&A.

Q: Why did you adopt children with special needs?
A: My heart has always been lead to people who have special needs. One very special memory of mine is when I went to a relative's wedding. The bride's brother has special needs and while everyone was dancing he and I danced around the floor together. I did not see his "disability", I saw him as a person, I saw him as someone who wanted to dance just as much as I wanted to dance.

Q: Why didn't you adopt in the USA?
A: We looked into it, then we discovered the great need of orphans in other countries. In the United States there is actually a waiting list for families that are wanting babies born with down syndrome. These babies when they are born WILL have a family waiting for them. However, in other countries there are no waiting lists for families looking for a child with down syndrome. These children may spend years waiting for a family. Some children may never find their family. Every child should know what it is like to have a family.

Q: We want to adopt TOO!!! Where can we find out more information about children that need families?A: That is a GREAT question! There are SO many children who need a family! A wonderful place to start is Reece's Rainbow!