We have had a few questions about our adoption and we thought we would do a special Q&A.
Q: What?? You are adopting AGAIN??
A: Yes! We are adopting three children from Eastern Europe and should be traveling around December or January.

Q: Do you know who you are adopting? 
A: We are committed to two children so far. One is a little girl listed as Celina (not her real name), The other is a little boy listed as Esteban. (not his real name) http://reecesrainbow.org/94648/sponsorcelina

Q: Do they have Down syndrome ?
A: No

Q: If you adopt a third child will they have Down syndrome?
A: Maybe, but it will really depend on who we are feeling lead to by God.

Q: What kinds of special needs are you looking for?
A: We are not looking for any "certain kind" of special need. Again it is all about who we feel God is leading us to. We DO know however we CANNOT bring home a child who needs a wheel chair as our house is NOT wheelchair accessible (it is an older home with bedrooms upstairs, tall, steep, stairs, narrow doorways, and tight corners.
  Q: How many times will you adopt???
A: That depends a lot on finances and God. The government requires people to make a certain amount to be able to adopt. If you do not make enough you do not qualify to adopt. It is really that simple. We are blessed to be able to bring home more children and we will do so.
Q: What can we do to help in your adoption?
A: First and foremost, PRAY! Our journey to our little ones is a journey of faith. We have stepped out in faith, and we believe that with God by our side, everything will come together. If you are able to, Donate. There is no amount too small, and everything counts! If you can not donate, please SHARE our blog, share our story, tell your friends about our little princess and prince and how they are waiting to be brought home and the biggest thing between us getting to them is the amount of money we need to raise. Share our story with your mom's groups, your church group, your prayer group, your boyscout troupe. If you live in the area, come to our fundraisers.

Q: Why are you adopting a child with special needs?
A: My heart has always been lead to people who have special needs. One very special memory of mine is when I went to a relative's wedding. The bride's brother has special needs and while everyone was dancing he and I danced around the floor together. I did not see his "disability", I saw him as a person, I saw him as someone who wanted to dance just as much as I wanted to dance.

Q: Why are you not adopting in the USA?
A: We looked into it, then we discovered the great need of orphans in other countries. In the United States there is actually a waiting list for families that are wanting babies born with down syndrome. These babies when they are born WILL have a family waiting for them. However, in other countries there are no waiting lists for families looking for a child with down syndrome. These children may spend years waiting for a family. Some children may never find their family. Every child should know what it is like to have a family.

Q: Why not wait until you have enough money and then adopt?
A: If we had to wait and save up the money on our own, it would take us over 2 years to get the money together. We are not talking about buying a new pair of underware.... you know what I mean, how sometimes you wear them out until you finally break down and go out and buy new ones. We are talking about a child. We are talking about children who are WAITING, ... NOW!! Every single day is just one more day they are without a family. Every single day is one more day they are going to bed without someone to tuck them in, or read a bedtime story, or sing them to sleep. Many families have the financial means to raise a child, the hard part is funding the actual adoption. Some of these children do not have a year or two. They need immediate healthcare! A year or two could be the difference between life or death.

Q: Funding the adoption, don't you mean buying a child?
A: No, we mean funding the adoption. We are in no way shape or form "buying" a child. We are following the law to the letter and filing paperwork with the goverment to adopt these children.

Q: We want to adopt TOO!!! Where can we find out more information about children that need families?
A: That is a GREAT question! There are SO many children who need a family! A wonderful place to start is Reece's Rainbow!