Wednesday, April 18, 2018

So Much Learning Happening Here!

 matching pictures to words with the So Happy to Learn at Home program

Making a sentence. 
She has to pick the correct pronoun and then find the sentence that goes with the picture.
Sorry no link for this one, I made it.

 working on counting the objects and working on what numbers come before another number with Rod and Staff book. She told me the answers and I wrote the numbers in for her since fine motor isn't her strongest area.
We are working on learning about butterflies and their life cycle 
Everyone made a caterpillar pattern and had to count out the correct number of segments the caterpillar would need to have for them to spell their name.  The kids all wrote their own name, no hand over hand. Our two oldest traced and cut out their own butterfly wings from a pattern.
 After dinner we had so much fun thinking up as many words as we could that starts with the letter B.

We are also learning about China. We learned about the Great Wall of China and then worked together to make our own Great Wall of China. 

To go along with our study of the life cycle of a butterfly, we have been watching our own caterpillars grow from very small caterpillars to now the pupa stage. We are so excited that waiting for them to emerge from the chrysalis is hard! 

 Working on caterpillar and butterfly tile pictures

addition puzzles

 feelings and emotions worksheet
from the So Happy to Learn at Home Program
One of our daily worksheets
This works on numbers that comes before and after, helps track the date, works on spelling the number of the month and practice spelling the day of the week for that day
 Handwriting with Handwriting without Tears
Handwriting with Handwriting without Tears
Working on Go Stops with the So Happy to Learn at Home program

So much going on....
making a butterfly
 spelling words
reading about the life cycle of a butterfly 
we have several STEM picture cards with famous places on them
After making his own Great Wall of China, he moved on and built the Tower Bridge in England.
During this project we look at the location on the card, (London England) then they have to find it on the map, and then try to use blocks to build it themselves
I found the STEM pictures on Teachers Pay Teachers
  Bug counting clip-its from KidsSoup
 working on writing with the So Happy to Learn at Home program

working on spelling 
This was on Teachers Pay Teachers 
The child has to look at the picture and then find the correct spelling of the word and then clip the correct answer
 Life cycle sequence strip
playing with the Very Hungry Caterpillar puppet
cursive handwriting
 reading worksheet from the So Happy to Learn at Home program
 finding the correct spelling
reading worksheet from the So Happy to Learn at Home program
 cutting practice with the butterfly life cycle
 working with money
writing with the So Happy to Learn at Home program

Friday, April 6, 2018

A Quiet Day

It was a quiet day and very relaxed day since my husband took some of the kids out with him for the day. So we took it easy with schooling today, choosing to only do a few things but we got a lot done since there were very few distractions.
Lately he has been loving drawing! It is really helping with fine motor skills which he struggles with but he loves making lines and circles and just little designs
Working on reading and then building words. 
The red blocks are all vowels,  the blue ones are all consonants
 to help with fine motor skills she snaps them together
AB pattern work

Reading So Happy to Learn at Home "Has Book"
Reading Biscuit books
 Reading comprehension question clip cards
She has to read the question. Understand what it is looking for. Find the picture, and then work on fine motor skills by putting a clothes pin on the correct answer.

 matching pictures to words

 rock wall climbing
Working on building strength by hanging and learning to pump on the swing
 reading and word building

reading and finding the answer was the easy part for him
fine motor skills are a big struggle, these clothes pins really were a challenge for him to open

AB Pattern work

 tracing numbers
counting animals then gluing the correct number in place