Sunday, August 25, 2013

Little bits here and there

Today we did not do very much, and since "school" hasn't officially started yet I am ok with that. We read a lot of books, sang a lot of songs, watched some Signing Time, and then worked on a few things at the table...

We played with play dough

Enjoyed some mess free painting...

Worked on scooping... (Veronika scooped blocks and also scooped dried parsley) 

Pouring... yes there were some spills but it was just water so it cleans up easy

and drinking from a cup
(they are use to drinking from sippy cups with straws)

We also worked on more paper tearing to work on building their finger muscles 
All in all, not a overly busy day, but a good day! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Little Tot Preschool

The first "offical" day of school is still a couple weeks away and our 15 year old is soaking up every moment of summer he can by relaxing and not doing much unless he has to.
On the other hand, Veronika and Gavyn crave structure and love doing things so we did a little bit to prepare them for when school does become offical.

As you can see, Gavyn sometimes liked tipping out the colors instead of always placing them in the correct place. We are still learning colors, so I have to tell Veronika what color each block is, and then she can figure out which bowl to place it in. For Gavyn, I tell him the color and help him by pointing to the correct bowl. 
With Veronika only being 25 months old, and Gavyn only 23 months old, I think they are doing pretty good especially since the first year of their life was in an orphanage and they could not even sit up and had never had any therapy of any kind or any stimulation or anything! Yes I would say they are doing very good!  

After they were finished we hung their master pieces on the fridge!
Then finished our preschool time off with a song...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Gearing Up!

We are gearing up for school around here!

I have been making some books for Veronika and Gavyn since they have been home. I have one about things they can see around the house, letters, and transportation with colors, among several others. 
While I was getting some of Veronika and Gavyn's work printed out and ready for our first day, they were busy painting.

Since this year I will be homeschooling our son who is in 10th grade it makes sense to make a lesson plan for our toddlers, Veronika and Gavyn so they have something to do and can be learning at the same time.
Alot of what our son will be doing is computer based. He will be doing the Alpha Omega Switched On Schoolhouse program, but we will also be adding in a few things. 
Only a few more weeks!

Friday, August 16, 2013


Summer is almost over and school is quickly approaching! This year we have three children we will be homeschooling, and at the start of next year, we will have four!
Our oldest homeschooler is our son who is going into the 10th grade. Such an exciting time, so much to learn!
Our youngest two are going to be doing an early preschool program. They are both 2 years old!

We can hardly wait for the year to start, and will be sharing all our homeschooling adventures with you!