Saturday, January 19, 2019

A Typical Day At Our House

 Making Breakfast
Our kids like several different things for breakfast so they have been making their own. 
Veronika and Gavyn are gluten free so there is a bucket of their breakfast choices with their names on it, and then another bucket for the other kids.

Every morning they can open the cabinet and get out the bucket of the breakfast foods and choose what they want to eat. Of course we keep things like Cheerios which are gluten free and any of the kids are welcome to eat that. 

After meals they clean up their area 

Then do some school work, we do not always have everyone sit at the table at once. Usually we do, however sometimes only a few will work at a time so I can spend more one on one with kids.

 Then they start making their lunch. While they have been making their own breakfast, making their own lunch is something they have only been doing recently. They are doing great however and are loving that they are allowed to make their own. Of course anyone using the stove is only allowed to with direct supervision.
We also have a bucket for lunchtime snacks. Inside are all kinds of snacks such as fruit snacks, or teddy grahams. We have taken all the stuff from the boxes and put them into easy slide zip lock bags and written on the outside how many of each snack they can get and which are gluten free and which are not.

After everyone has had a chance to get some energy out we get back to doing school work. 

Then there are the extra activities we do during the week, such as music lessons, swimming, soccer, and visiting the Children's Museum

By the end of the day, it's nice to just relax and snuggle together