Thursday, March 13, 2014

Preschool Everywhere

This month we have had a chance to get out and about with our learning. 
With two year olds it can not just be all work and no play. A lot of the time, learning comes from play. 
We took a trip to the Children's Museum and Veronika and Gavyn had so much time playing and learning about water and how it works by moving the little white plastic plates that acted as a dams. 

Next we went to check out the dig pit. It was wonderful because instead of sand that fills your shoes, it was made out of recycled tires. They got to practice digging, scooping, and filling their buckets using different tools. 

We also got enough sun that we could go hang out at a local park. Gavyn and Veronika worked their muscles by hanging on the bars.  

 And walking up and down ramps
 And walking on a balance beam
We still found some time to work on some fine motor skills with coloring.
 Some cognitive skills with working on letters. I would show Veronika two letters and ask for  her to hand me the letter I asked for, or to point to the letter I wanted. This also worked on her listening skills. She did great! 

 Gavyn loves to look at books and took full advantage of some extra time before bed to look at some.
 Veronika enjoyed looking at this book and signing some of the words/pictures she saw. 

They are both working so hard, but we always make sure there is time for play and fun and just being little kids. They love to do flash cards and look at books so they make teaching them so easy. 
So proud of them!