Tuesday, October 23, 2018

October 2018 Homeschool Update

Early this month we had a wonderful visit from my husband's cousin. All the way from England! She spent a week with us and got to discover all America has to offer. She loved going to the pumpkin patch and exploring the differences between American stores and English ones. We ended up having Nome go to a pumpkin patch with our older kids as we thought she would enjoy that patch more than the one we planned on taking the younger kids (one patch was more geared towards older kids and one was more geared to younger kids and was a much better fit for some of our kids who have extra sensory needs.)

We have been learning about different types of clouds and tracking the weather each day. At the end of the month we will make a graph so we can see how many days of rain/sun/clouds we have had. 
We did a little experiment so they could get a visual of how clouds fill with water then it "rains". Then all the kids made different kids of clouds.

In addition to having some wonderful company visiting, the kids were busy practicing for a talent show for kids with Down syndrome. Veronika and Gavyn did a tap dance and Ellie and Alina did songs in sign language. It was a great chance to go out and support the opening of GiGi's playhouse! They held a fall harvest festival and invited the kids to dress up and had little games and stations. The kids loved it!

Last week we took the younger six kids to the pumpkin patch and they loved it!
We talked about the animals; what they were, if they lay eggs or if they give birth to live babies, what they eat, and if they produce anything we use (eggs, meat, milk, feathers, wool, etc).

The kids are learning about leaves as well with their school work. Today has been a glorious fall day. Leaves falling softly to the ground, leaves in the trees changing colors, and a lovely walk around a local lake.

The kids gathered leaves to bring home and had so much fun discovering leaf rubbings and leaf painting/stamping. They are learning to identify several different types of leaves local to our area and the seeds they produce.
Since it is that season, they are also learning about the pumpkins and the different parts of a pumpkin. 

They had fun pulling out the seeds and the fibrous strands.
In addition to everything else we now have another one taking swimming lessons and we have a little one who has joined the American Heritage Girls. 
 After one of our meetings we had a get together with some of the other little girls from the troop for a needlepoint lesson. It was so wonderful to be able to get together with other mama's and their little girls and work on earning their badges.

After we got home she was so excited she started working on it by herself and did a great job!

Enjoy and have a blessed Fall!!