Thursday, December 20, 2018

Busy Decemeber

December has been so busy.
We went to see Santa.
Went to the Children's Museum. It is great, once per month they have a special time for kids who have special needs to help with their sensory processing. This is great because we have a couple who would be way to overstimulated during the regular hours. But they have it set up so that kids who need a more low key environment can go for free once per month!  Our kids love it.
 Making Christmas ornaments

 We picked them up after they were fired in the kiln and they turned out great!!!

 Music Discovery

 Art Discovery

 They even got to jump on the bed!!
Veronika got her joining award in American Heritage Girls
and she had a great time at the Ugly Sweater Contest party. She won cutest ugly sweater!

We took a visit to the tree farm and feed the animals while we were there

 Afterwards we enjoyed a hayride around the tree farm

 The kids love doing arts and crafts

Making the candy canes was great because it reinforced AB patterns.
Gavyn said we needed an angel for the tree so he made one using paper plates!
We did fingerprint snowmen with the kids. Once their fingerprints dried, Daddy made them look more like snowmen. I think they turned out so cute!!

They also had fun making cookies

 And making gingerbread houses

We started doing Truth and the Tinsel but I will admit we have not really kept up with it every day. We have pulled out the crafts we like and made other crafts at other times. We do however continue with the story of Christmas and teaching why we have Christmas.
 And decorated their little tree with the crafts they made
So excited for some of our new school books that arrived today! 
Looking for a great new year!

May Blessings be to you and yours,
 and may everything you do,you do with your whole heart!!
Merry Christmas!!