Sunday, October 13, 2019

2019-2020 School Year Starts

The summer was beautiful and we enjoyed every minute of it!
We are now back into the swing of school and the kids are missing the long days of playing outside all day.
Where we live it rains SO much that we let the kids have an extended summer and made the first official day of school the First day of Fall. Here it rains almost for three seasons, Fall, Winter, and Spring so you have to enjoy the sun while you can.
I am currently doing assessments and writing the kids IEP (individual education plan). For our oldest girls the biggest focus will be reading and understanding what they have read. They will still work in other subjects but the main focus will be reading with understanding and building communication skills.
We are doing Simply Classic  by Memoria Press for several of the kids but other kids need something different.. 
Our youngest little guy who just turned 8 is one of our strongest reading with reading skills at a 2nd grade level. While our seven year old little girl is one of our weakest readers. However, our 7 year old loves math and is doing pretty good in it. 
This year we had planned on just doing Simply Classic. We actually LOVE the program. However, with six kids, who are all over the place in skills, doing one set curriculum does not really work. For example, some kids have great handwriting but struggle with reading, while others have great reading skills but struggle with handwriting. Some are great in math, and others struggle. So we decided to do a mix of things.
For those struggling with reading we are doing Teach your Child to read in 100 Easy Lessons.
Our our oldest girls we are mostly sticking to So Happy to Learn by Mrs. Brown .  They will sit in during the History/Social Studies/Science lessons with the younger four.  All six kids despite their ages are academically between K-2nd grade so it isn't that big of a gap and they can always learn things together.
We are doing Abeka for Science, Social Studies, and History.  We will use Simply Classic for Music, Art, Literature, and a few other subjects.
We are also doing Equipping Minds. We have a few other things we plug in here and there depending on the need of the child. Some kids are working hard on building the finger strength and coordination and have scissor skills as one of their goals. So for our crew there really is no one size fits all.
Here are a few pictures we have taken so far.

He is doing so good with reading that the clip it cards in the video were mostly just to work on fine motor skills.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Busy Summer in Pictures

This summer we were blessed to be able to go to a family respite camp. Because there are so many people who want to go, not everyone is accepted. Last year we were not able to go but this year we were!! The only cost to families is the application fee and the whole camp is run by volunteers! Many of the pictures below are from camp!

They practiced for months and months to be able to do show off some of their talents in the talent show at camp. Here are two of our kids performing!

Our Garden at Home

This sweet girl turned 8 this month!! For her birthday she wanted to go to the zoo and have her first  birthday party where we invited friends (normally we just do family parties)!! 

doing yoga