Friday, February 27, 2015

Exciting Times!!

February has been an exciting month for our family. After careful consideration, with different speech therapy times, and different times for all kinds of appointments, I decided back in October that it would be in our two 13 year old girls best interest (adopted from Eastern Europe - both have Down syndrome) to attend public school. This month both girls started attending and are loving it!
Gavyn, who has Down syndrome and is nonverbal has up until this point been unable to share all that he knows with us. Imagine our surprise when we found out he could do all this....

The app that Gavyn is using for the reading is called BrillKids. Gavyn has only been using this program for one week, but has always loved books and we have been doing flash cards on and off since he was 18 months old.

Veronika continues to work hard on counting now that she knows her numbers

We are trying to keep changing our sensory bin, this month it is pink and white rice with scoopers and little heart shaped boxes for them to play with. One thing we noticed is that Veronika does not have very strong hands. We are going to be buying some therapy puddy which is able to be washed again and again. She used some with her speech therapist and loved it so hopefully that will help with working on her hand strength.
In other news, potty training is happening. It has been happening for a while but now we are having a lot more successful bathroom trips and Veronika telling us when she needs to go.
That is our news for now!!