Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Just another day homeschooling!

Here are a few of our homeschooling tools. We have:
 Bob Books
Teach your child to read in 100 Easy Lessons
Tons of flash cards
Alphabet Cards
Pattern blocks
Puzzles for everything from math, opposites, sequencing, silly sentence building, etc
We have many manipulitives
Art supplies
Books on History
Reading comprehension books
Therapy Puddy for building hand strength
And much more!!

Gavyn works on putting the puzzle together and then putting it away when he is finished. While he did not put all the pieces in correctly, he was careful handling his work, taking it out, and putting it away while he was finished.

Veronika works on sorting by color

Veronika sorts by which animals fly and which ones walk

Veronika works on Sorting by color While Alina works on her handwriting

Ellie works on putting the blocks in from 1-12 by counting the dots on the blocks

Veronika works on putting the bears in the bag after she is finished using them

Gavyn works on fine motor skills by putting all the ribbons and bead necklaces in the bottle

Everyone  busy working
Veronika works on pouring