Monday, February 27, 2012

Matching Grant!!!

Not too long ago I was talking to someone and we were talking about how much we still have to raise. Today, they said they wanted to have some motivation to stop eating out so much and they think the best way to do that is by offering a matching grant (up to $500) for the month of March. This donor has said they want to remain anonymous so I will respectfully not say who they are.
I am in awe at the generosity and loving hearts that this journey has taken us on.
The month of February has been amazing, thanks to YOU, this month, we have raised $1045 to help save Sydney and Lucien from a life as an orphan!!
February is about showing love and You guys certain did that!!
God Bless ALL of YOU!! and Thank You for your Support!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Road Blocks

Roadblocks are always frustrating. You get to a point and you expect to continue easily on your way and then BOOM! You find out there are roadblocks. In some cases, you have a bit of a warning, with directions providing another route to your destination. In other cases even while you have warning, your destination, is not mapped out and you are left hoping that you will get where you are going in time. But roadblocks are not always bad. They teach us a thing or two about faith, about believing in God and trusting in his perfect timing. This should have been a lesson I learned back in 2008 when Mark and I were getting married and we had been working on his immigration since February and he was STILL not here a week before the wedding in October. But God, in his perfect timing, made it all come together and the week before our wedding, Mark had his immigration interview and was approved to come to the USA. (The Thursday before our wedding actually, which was scheduled for the upcoming Wednesday) By the time Mark got his Visa in the mail (on the Saturday before our wedding) we sure were frantic.  By Sunday, Mark was in the USA and we were married on Wednesday as planned. Sure we had many roadblocks along the way, and at times, we were worried that Mark would not even be able to come to the USA but in the end it all worked out. 

Now, years later, we are adopting. Like our journey to get Mark here, we are facing roadblocks. But a roadblock is just that, it is a detour to your destination, NOT a dead end.
Right now the only roadblock we are facing is the finances to go get our little ones. We want to start to remove those roadblocks and we need YOUR help to do it. Let's start knocking down these roadblocks one at a time!
Our first road block is the cost of the flights. We need to knock out $5000 just to be able to fly. 
Maybe you know someone who works for the airlines, or who has miles they can donate. Or you can help donate toward the cost? If you are able to donate miles please keep in mind that we will not have a flight date until about 2 weeks before we fly out and we do not have an exact end date either, some families are in country for 5 weeks while others are there for about 8 weeks so that needs to be open ended. 
Let's start breaking down these roadblocks and build bridges instead. Because if we don't care, who will?

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Who has seen the movie Nemo?
Remember the fish who when they all got together they were able to make a giant fish and ward off the enemy?
International adoption is like that. We are fighting an enemy. In some cases that may be people who are not supportive, in other cases it might be the devil himself. But when we get together, we can do ANYTHING! By working together, we can make anything possible.

When we first thought of adopting, we were worried, until we saw THIS video...

So we thought to ourselves, sure we want to adopt. We know there is suffering. We have seen others go rescue their children and their children, some 4 years old, coming home weighing only 11 lbs, even a 9 year old child who was under 15lbs, can you imagine? I have seen CATS that weigh that much! So then we thought to ourselves, ok, so we have the desire, but can we actually do it? Can we go out and bring them home? What is stopping us? I will tell you. It was the money. We had the home, we had the room, we had the love, and we even had the money to raise them. The only problem at all, was the money to GET THEM HOME!
And then we saw this...

So what was our objection when you took everything else away? It was money, only the money we needed to go get our sweet little ones. God was pointing the way, with each and every step, and he was asking us to follow in faith. Step aside and stop worrying and just believe in him. Follow his word, follow his lead, and rescue these children, HIS children.
Maybe you wonder, why us? Why do we not let someone else do it. I will tell you, if everyone else was doing it, there would not be orphans. The fact is that some people can not adopt, and others do not want to, and the list goes on, but the reason why does not matter in the big picture. What matters is that these children are waiting. They are waiting for a home. They are waiting for someone to rescue them. They are waiting... some of these children wait for years. They wait and wait. One woman recently went over to be with her beautiful child and because this sweet little one has down syndrome this child was turned down by others looking to adopt. Not once. Not twice, but 500 TIMES! HOW??
We can NOT just sit there and wait for others to do it. If you can adopt then DO, if you can not then please help someone who is trying. Never let the cost of going to rescue them stand in your way.

I am so happy to say that YOU are amazing! This has been an amazing month! Since Feb 11th we have gone from $2965 in the FSP all the way to $3900 in the FSP!! That is almost $1000!!
This just goes to show that we CAN do this! Thank you SO much to EVERYONE who has donated, shared, and prayed!! Your love is amazing!

pics on Sodahead

Monday, February 20, 2012

Somewhere Out There

In another country, there is a room filled with babies. Some have down syndrome, some do not. Some have heart issues, feeding issues, and the list goes on. So what do they have in common? They are ALL orphans. For whatever reason, their parents felt they were unable to care for them. They have put their child into an orphanage, in hopes that someone, somewhere, would find them, and love them.
Somewhere out there there is a nanny, she is working as hard as she can, trying her best to take care of the many children in her care, and knowing that it is not enough. There are just too many to be able to spend all day holding one or two. There are too many for her to rock them to sleep, or for her to carry them around in her arms all day. There are too many to sit down and have one on one time and play with them, and sing them to sleep. She is doing her best, but at the end of the day, she goes home, wishing it were more. 
Somewhere out there.... there is a little girl and little boy in a crib, wanting to be rocked to sleep, wanting to be held while they drink their bottle, wanting to be played with, talked to, and loved.
They have no idea that the life they are living is not what every other child's life is like. All they know is that they NEED more than the life they are living. The deserve MORE than to live a life as an orphan.
They have no idea that on the other side of the world, every single night, a mommy and daddy are saying a prayer that they will be safe until we can get them and bring them home. They have no idea that a nursery is waiting for them with beautiful bedding , soft blankets, and clothes of their very own. They have no idea that they have sisters and a brother who are so excited to welcome them to the family.
They have no idea that many nights, their mommy is doing her best not to cry, to be strong, and counting the days until she can go hold them, love them, and officially become their mommy. They have no idea that their daddy has worked tirelessly on their nursery to make it perfect for them, that he is trying to work over time whenever he can to help raise the money to get them home, and that he has even taken up making crosses and other items to sell on Etsy in hopes that it will be enough to get them home.

"And when the night wind, Starts to sing a lonesome lullaby It helps to think we're sleeping
Underneath the same big sky.

Somewhere out there If love can see us through Then we'll be together.
Somewhere out there Out where dreams come true...
" (lyrics from American Tale)
Somewhere out there, two orphans get closer every day to their birthday, and they are waiting for their family to come. Our paperwork is almost finished, we are so close. The only thing that stands in the way, is the funds to travel.
Somewhere out there, someone is reading this blog, and somewhere out there, a heart will be moved. Please help us bring them home!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Amazing Grace!

What amazing support we have seen this month from amazing people who want to help us get our little ones home! God has blessed us with these amazing people that have donated items to help get Sydney and Lucien home. Please show them a lot of love by donating!!!

This Fundraiser will run until February 1st-March 1st. Winners will be randomly selected using an online generator and announced March 2nd. Here's how it will work: 
$5 Donation= 2 chances
$10 Donation= 5 chances 
$50 Donation= 25 chances
Donation= 50 chances

For every share on Facebook/Twitter= 1 chance
You are encouraged to donate by our Reece's Rainbow FSP link or if you choose you can donate by the Chip-In. Please note that only the Reece's Rainbow donations are tax deductible. *Please note that this is not a raffle and all donations are to be made to help get Sydney and Lucien home. We want to shower you in love as well, and will be giving away several items to show our appreciation. Because of the limited amount of items, we will do do a random drawing of all those who have donated or shared about our Give-Away! Thank you so much for helping get these sweeties home!!

After you have shared or donated, please add a comment about the particular item you hope to receive from the give-away!

YOUR Choice of a Kindle or a Cricut!!

PetalnPearlBoutique Any item up to 20.00
We have an AUTHOR who is willing to donate her time in manuscript critique or writing advice!!
Royal Doulton Bunnykins Baby Set With Bowl and Cup

Wedgewood Peter Rabbit Cup
Wedgewood Peter Rabbit Bowl
Wedgewood Peter Rabbit Cup
Joan Rivers Classics Collection Earrings
Camrose & Kross - reproduction of Jewelry worn by Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy - Gold and Ruby Bow Broach
Camrose & Kross Sapphire & Diamond Earrings
Camrose & Kross Sapphire Broach
Camrose and Kross Gold and Diamond Necklace
Camrose and Kross 3 Strand JBK Pearls

Gold and Diamond Bracelet

Gold Basket Weave Bracelet

Joan River Classic Collection Golden Necklace

Beautiful Heart Necklace with Matching Earrings

Sweet Baby Headbands Donated by Little Blooms Handmade

Super Cute Sock Monkey Crayon Carrier Donated by Sara's Daisy Love
Beautiful Wall Art Donated by the Hidden Alphabet
Beautiful Wall Art Donated by The Hidden Alphabet
Our Roots Grow Deep, Tree of Life Custom Made Key-chain Donated by Plunkett Designs
Amazing Teacher Gift Donated by Once Upon a Sugar Tree
Lovely Christian Bracelet Donated by Jill's Jewels
$20 Gift Certificate Donated by jYOUlry
Donated by SimplyChic93

Rustic Jewels Birdnest Necklace donated by Kottage Kreations
Monster Hat Donated by My Creations by Gracie
Tooth Fairy Pillows for Girls or Boys Donated by She Sew Sassy
Black and White Scarf Donated by Thimbledoodle
Sweet Dreams Sign Donated by The Back Porch Shoppe
Seafoam Key Hook Wood Wall Vase Holder Donated by Old New Again
Handwoven Olives Green Holiday Donated by Call of Earth
Boho Chic Spring Fashion Ruffle Scarf Donated by Masha Crochet
Swarovski Fuchsia Crystal Earrings Heart Crystals Donated by Crystal Glow Design
Baby's Own Space Personalized Wall Names
Lovely Hat Donated by The Crazy Crochet Kid

Fun Hat Donated by The Crazy Crochet Kid

Lovely Hat Donated by The Crazy Crochet Kid
Leather and Feather Cross Donated by Southern Allure
Hand Stamped Tree of Life Custom Necklace Donated by Best Impressions Jewelery
Pink Love Newborn Knit Wrap Donated by Emily Joy Creations
Custom Letter Necklace Donated By January Girl Jewelry
Baby Boy Shower Decorations Donated by Cathys Wraps
Adult Ear Warmers Donated By OAK Scarves
$10 Gift Certificate Donated by  OAK Scarves
Gold Heart Earrings Donated by Nesting Pretty

British Inspired Site Will Donate any Item Listed -Paper Crumpet
$50 Gift Certificate Donated by Close 2 My Art
Too Cute Baby Leg Warmers - Donated by Pansy Pie Boutique
$10 Gift Certificate Donated by Baby Smiles
2 lb Weighted Lap Pad Donated by Little Lotus Designs
Mixed Double Ring Necklace Silver and Gold Donated By Junghwa
Ultra Feminine Burp Cloth Set of 4 Donated By Indescribably Blessed
Choice of Cell Phone Wallet and Matching Key Fob Donated by Beulah Vida

$5= 2 chances
$10= 5 chances 
$50= 25 chances
$100= 50 chances

For every share on Facebook/Twitter= 1 chance

After you have shared or donated, please add a comment about the particular item you hope to win!
Thank you!!!! 
We have been blessed by many people who have stepped up and said "We want to help bring your babies home." These amazing men and women have donated their time and crafts, and items to help raise money to get Sydney and Lucien home. Every one of these is beautiful and unique. I am in awe at their generosity! We hope that you will love them so much that you will also consider them when you are buying adoption gifts, birthday presents, wedding gifts, or just something to brighten your day. These lovely people are not just amazing artists, they have a heart as big as gold! My Good Friend Breanne Donated All the Joan River, Camrose and Kross, Wedgwood, and Royal Doulton Items, Thank you so much Breanne (Please note that the jewelery is high quality costume jewelry  - for more info on the Camrose Kross JBK collection please click HERE )!! My friend and Second Mom- Rhonda donated the beautiful Heart Necklace with Matching Earrings!! And I could Never Forget my friend Patricia who contacted ALL of those who donated their lovely Wares from Etsy!! 
Thank you guys so much!!