Friday, December 16, 2011

Don't Leave Home Without Him

Adoption has changed our family. We have always believed in God, tried our best to make sure we make it to church, and taught our children to pray. We have always tried to set a good example, let people know we care, and that we are always willing to help someone if they need it. Even if we did not have a lot to spare you would be welcome at our house before we would let you go hungry.
But adoption has changed us.
Adoption is a leap of faith. No matter where you adopt from, there are no promises. You could adopt in the USA and face tons of issues with agencies and legal issues trying to get the care she needs for a child that is not yet legally hers, but can not be made part of their family until he is able to live outside of the hospital, (something one of my dear friend is having to deal with at the moment).
You could ask someone to have a baby for you and then they end up keeping the baby, you could try foster care and then end up losing that child too. Or you can go overseas, where again, there are no promises.
At our church, we have something called "Journey of Faith", which is to introduce them into the Lutheran church. We are on our own "Journey of Faith", learning about adoption, and all that comes with it. We have spent time taking classes to help us prepare for our little ones and any possible struggles they may have along the way. We have started to learn our child's native language so we may help them embrace their heritage. We are trying to learn things of our child's culture, so we may share those things with them, in addition to our own traditions.
Our "Journey of Faith" is taking us on a path closer to God as well. Lately, we have been doing a LOT more praying than we usually do. I end up praying almost every time I have a quiet moment. Not always a long prayer, maybe just a quick one asking God to protect us, watch over us, help things turn out ok, and give us strength.
I have been rushing out of the house sometimes without my arms full, without a purse (if Mark drives me to work), but I have not been rushing out of the house without talking to God.
A lot of families are going through hard times right now, they are in my prayers.
A while back there was a tv commercial by American Express that said "Don't leave home without it". Instead, let's make sure we don't leave home without HIM.
For those who are going through a hard time right now, please remember in these hard times that God is there for you, lean on him, let him carry you.