Sunday, November 4, 2018

Learning in the Fall

Last month we learned about Christopher Columbus, clouds, weather, pumpkins, visited a pumpkin patch and so much more.
This month we are learning about the first Thanksgiving, learning about Veterans, learning about different kinds of trees and their leaves, learning about Roman Numerals, and learning how to count to 20 in Spanish.
The kids love the computer so we are allowing them 15 -30 minutes per day. They are enjoying working with Leapfrog Learning Academy and Starfall during their computer time.

Working on patterns
Counting out objects and putting the correct number of bears on the number cards

Writing practice

 Learning to count to 100 in sign langage

Reading comprehension work. He had to read the sentences and then find the cards that go in the right place to match the sentence above.

Working on fine motor skills. These beads snap together. They have different textures and some are harder to push together than others. They are also a bit hard to pull apart depending on which ones you snap together. This works both fine motor control and strength.
Learning to identify different kinds of trees and their leaves

she wrote Boat!  
Simply Classical Curriculum Math and Handwriting

and one of our newest activities is learning Roman Numerals and how to count to 20 in Spanish

More Math
 Simple Addition with Pictures
Abeka Math
Working on learning famous landmarks