Monday, September 23, 2013

First Fall Projects

Today we started our first fall projects. With two year olds, it is going a bit differently than how I expected, but we are making it work.
Today, we did a handprint fall tree. Veronika and Gavyn really enjoyed painting.

We also made a VERY cute little craft that I will be posting later when it is complete. 
Once they were cleaned up from painting we worked on some learning work.
 This is actually a pattern activity but for now we are working on just matching the color cube to a matching color.

Next I had them match animals. Their favorite book is Brown Bear Brown Bear so they LOVE this activity. We started with only having three to match, and we have worked up to nine choices. Veronika can select the cards and place them all in the correct place. Gavyn still does one at a time and sometimes needs help finding the match.

Since Veronika is reading, I had her match words and colors to words. She did very well.

Of course their favorite thing to do is push the Easy button when they are finished! The key is to make it fun. As long as we can make it fun they will keep wanting to learn.
We love learning!

Friday, September 13, 2013

High School and Preschool

 Well, we started our homeschool highschool earlier this week. We were so excited to get started with SOS Alpha Omega. We wanted to test out one subject before diving in and buying all of the subjects from them and I am SO glad that we did! 
While I know it is great for some families it does not seem to be a good fit for ours. We will continue using it until our new books and homeschooling materials arrive but I am so relieved we did not purchase the whole set. 

 For our little ones, we worked on some puzzles, matching, and our new reading book!! We also sang several songs and acted out the motions.Another new thing we did is work with bingo dobbers. I printed off a couple of worksheets that had the letter A in upper and lower case and then helped Veronika and Gavyn fill in each of the bubbles with the dobbers. 
They loved being able to push the "easy" button when they finished their reading!
All in all it was a great morning.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Matching Games

Lately we have been working hard on matching!!

Gavyn still needs a lot of hand over hand but Veronika has picked it right up!