Saturday, April 27, 2013

9 Months

Veronika and Gavyn have been home for nine months. I love waking up to see them peeking over their crib railings waving back at me in the mornings. I love when I take them out of their cribs and they just melt into me, giving me that very special morning cuddle. It feels so wonderful feeling their little arms around my neck, I just breath it all in, soaking up every second I can, committing it to memory, the feel of their soft skin, their warm breath against my neck, and their slight weight in my arms. It is like a little piece of heaven.

Each day starts the same, morning cuddles, new diapers,  Gavyn gets his medicine for his reflux, and then we play for 30 minutes while we wait for the med to kick in before we can eat breakfast. Sometimes we just play with toys, or sometimes they crawl up to daddy wanting him to be silly and play foot ninja with them or toss them in the air.
At breakfast the babies get their vitamins and supplements, and we sit down together to enjoy breakfast. Sometimes I read stories, or we look at flashcards while we have breakfast, other times we might listen to some music, or just talk about what we will do during the day.

Usually after breakfast both Veronika and Gavyn are pretty messy and so they have a little play in the tub to rinse off any breakfast they might have gotten in their hair, or anywhere else.

Then it is time to get dressed and ready for the day. Some days there is therapy while other days we might head out to a park or just hang out around the house.

We have been very blessed this week with amazing weather. Veronika and Gavyn have been able to enjoy playing in the garden and splashing in the pool. While they played I was able to stop and think and reflect on the past nine months.

It is days like this that make me so thankful we are finally home, but also miss what we left behind.
Ukraine will always hold a very special place in my heart, not only because it is the birthplace of Veronika and Gavyn, but there is so much beauty and history there. One thing I also miss is the pace, life seemed so less rushed and hurried. (unless you were in a car and then it was something out of a movie with the high speeds and somewhat crazy driving - it does make me wonder if there is actually a driving test to get your license there and rules of the road or if once you have your license you just toss caution to the wind and drive and hope people move out of your way). I miss the walking. It is odd, I have never liked the city, never been a city girl, really do not like how crowded cities are, but where we were, there are always parks in every direction within walking distance so I hardly noticed we were in a major city, it was nice, peaceful, and I felt safe. I miss seeing the old ladies sitting together chatting on benches, the little stands lining the road. I miss seeing families connected to each other. The lack of technology. I did see some people with their cell phones, but more people walked and talked, and sat and chatted to those next to them. It was great seeing kids of all ages play in the park, the older kids playing table tennis, or basket ball, the younger ones playing on the swings or in the sand box.

I think of the children who were left behind. Who do not know what it is like to have family time, to play in the park while your grandma chats with her friends and your mother is making some of the best smelling borscht known to man, and you get that feeling that makes you smile just thinking about how wonderful it will be.

Nine months ago, I got Veronika and Gavyn out of their orphanages, but I could not bring them all home. Sadly, these are some of the children that are still waiting. Waiting and hoping for a family who will come and rescue them from a life in an institution. Who can come and make them part of a family, who will love them, and care for them, and teach them about God and all of the wonders of the world. For more info on each child, click on their picture.

Maybe YOU are their family. Maybe you can make room at your table, maybe you can change that single bed into a bunk bed, maybe you have family or friends who have a heart for orphans. They are waiting. I pray you can find it in your heart to include them in your prayers.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


It is finally start to feel like spring! 

Flowers are in bloom, shorts and little dresses are worn without a jacket, and the sun was out! Wonderful Day!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Veronika and Gavyn have taken off with a signing explosion!!
A month ago I could hardly get them to sign anything, and now they are signing tons of different things!
Veronika: cold, hot, bath, finished, fish, drink, please, thank you, more, eat, cracker
Gavyn: finished, bath, more, dada, mama, drink,
There are more but I can not think of them at this time. One thing we are doing with signing is understanding that when a baby is just learning signs they might not get them perfect right away. They will often make signing approximations. You can see that with Gavyn when he tries to sign bath. He even makes the "b" sound to go with bath, but his hands are not in the correct location. The important thing is that he is trying to communicate and we could not be more thrilled!
You can read more about Signing Approximations on this website:Baby Sign Language Academy

Here is a video of Veronika signing fish and trying to moo when she sees the picture of the cow.

They have been doing so well with trying to sign and even vocalize! So proud of  them!

 They are showing they understand more and more every day. When we get into the bathtub, I can ask Veronika to wash her face and she will take the wash cloth and wash her own face! 
Gavyn shows that he is understanding more too by being able to follow requests for him to ask for a drink rather than scream about it. 
We can hardly wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Adventures of Stinkbutt and Bubby

Yesterday morning, mama and daddy thought maybe I was more of a wiggle worm than a Stinkbutt (a name that I got because I am always being a stinker and getting into things).

Well... mama thought that yesterday UNTIL....... was Bubby mom! Here, you can have the lid.

(I don't think Bubby understands he is suppose to act innocent yet)

What?? I was JUST looking at it