Sunday, September 30, 2018

Last day of September

Spelling Work
Some of our kids struggle with fine motor so we are using different ways to learn to spell their words without them having to write. 


 Putting the landmarks in place
So proud of himself, he got them all right!
He can now name the landmark, tell what continent the landmark is on, and what state/country the landmark is in.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

School in September

We have had 23 days of school so far as I type this. We had a great time at a Youth Games event sponsored by Nike on the Nike Campus! The kids had a great time.


 We would have more days so far except, some days were taken off while one of our little ones had surgery for a tethered cord and has spent time recovering. Thankfully she has a lot of brothers and sisters to read her stories, make hearts for her, and share the tablet with her.

 Fall is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it. So of course as soon as fall started we started doing fall worksheets! This one was worked on cutting skills, gluing, and patterns.
 Tracing numbers
 This is a great worksheet because you can trace the numbers but you can also put that amount of apples on the tree. I was able to find some cute little erasers and after the number is written I have the kids put the correct amount of apples on the tree.
 Letter writing
 Writing words and building them with the letter tiles and letter rods
 Working on patterns
 Learning about Famous Landmarks

 Matching letters to pictures
 These worksheets were so great I laminated them and put velco on them. You have to find the written word for each one, tally mark for each one, dot counting, and picture counting, then inside the jar I have the kids use the erasers to count out the correct amount each.
 Working on following directions, listening skills, and speech on the tablet that we are borrowing from our speech path.
 More addition. He rolls the dice, writes down the addition problem, and then adds it up.
 Working on her math. She needs to figure out which numbers are larger than others so it helps when she writes it down using this amazing dry erase place value chart. I love how it gives a visual for the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands place rather than just having the words written for it.
 Math using a spinner instead of dice
Gavyn learned these all in one day!! This kid blows me away! Next we will learn the locations on a map before moving on to learn different ones.