Monday, February 24, 2014

Short One

Our house has been a bit crazy lately planning for our upcoming adoption of two 12 year old girls who have Down syndrome so we have not been able to post as often as I would like. So here are just a couple of things we have been doing lately.
Number Puzzles

 And color sorting! She has gotten so good with her colors that she will usually sign the color before she puts it down. I tried to make it a bit more challenging by putting the red, orange, yellow, and white close to each other but it didn't phase her a bit! She was able to sort the colors all on her own!.

 Matching blocks to the picture
 Mommy asked if she could copy a tower mommy made and she did!
Gavyn did great matching the blocks to the pictures!
 Gavyn worked with both hands to put the beads into the muffin tin cups

We read books ALL the time and one of their favorite books is "We're going on a Bear Hunt". Normally they act out almost the whole entire story while we are reading in the rocking chair, but today since they were sitting so close to each other they were a bit distracted. It was so cute thou, I just had to post it...

 Working on putting puzzles together. The goal was not match the letter to the picture in this case but to build the coordination of putting two pieces together. Up until now, all the pieces just fit inside a puzzle cut out, so actually having to put something together that can not just slide together meant they would have to work to figure out how to insert on piece into the other.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snowed In

It has been a bit crazy lately, we have been snowed in for the last several days and while that would normally give us more time to work, it has meant everyone has been home, making it harder for Veronika and Gavyn to have the quiet they need to keep all the distractions out so they could focus on their work. 
 One thing we never have to try, is to get them to read books, they LOVE books!! And this is how we will find them several times throughout the day.
 Veronika trying to do the letters in sign language
 Matching colors

 Working on pointing and then giving me the card I have asked for. 
 Gavyn working on color sorting
 Matching letters
 Matching words
 Reading words and then doing the action- Gavyn's turn
now Veronika's turn

 Of course, what would be the point of being snowed in if you could not go out and play in it? Gavyn did not care for the snow at all.
Veronika on the other hand loved it!!

The rest of the time they have just spent playing just like any other little kids. 
They really enjoyed wearing their hats and playing with their baby dolls while having a pretzel picnic.