Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall is Here!

 Veronika is now matching words other than her name
 As you can see, she is very proud of herself
 "That was easy"

 One of the things we work on is sliding our finger or our pointer from the word to the picture
 Our day would not be complete without singing some of our favorite songs, This month we are working on three different song books, Albuquerque Turkey, Veterans Day Song, and Five Little Pumpkins
 Here are some of our books we work on throughout the week
Here are some of our matching work. We match pictures to pictures, we match pictures to words, and we match words to words.
Today we worked on gluing! I put a small amount of glue into a little cup and let them use  qtips to "paint" on the glue
on go the paper apples
 Both Veronika and Gavyn loved putting the glue on their q-tip and painting it onto the tree, I ended up using several q-tips because it can soak up the glue quickly and then becomes stringy if left in the glue too long
on goes Gavyn's apples

We also did some other work that I did not get pictures of because it is a 100% hand over hand activity. 
Those activities included, me helping hold their hands to practice drawing a line from one dot to another dot to form a straight line, and drawing a circle. We also worked on copying. For a lot of kids this comes very natural, but Veronika and Gavyn missed that window while they are in an orphanage, so they do not copy or mimic very well. 
I would show them the blocks in one way, and I would help them build the same thing I did. Very simple ones, three blocks side by side, or two blocks on the bottom with one on the top, or three blocks side by side with one more block on one of the end blocks to form a "train". We also worked on using egg shakers to copy. I would shake my eggs over head and then help them shake theirs over their head. I would tap my egg on the table and have them copy that action. I would tap my eggs together and have them copy that as well. 
I was very proud of Veronika, after me showing her what I wanted, she was able to copy my movements with the shaker eggs!
Finally, it was time for snack and a nap!

Just so everyone does not get the wrong impression.... I normally post our best photos. I am working with two year olds, they have their moments. They have moments when they think we are finished when we are not, they have moments when they get up from the table or throw things off the table or just throw little fits. That is when we take a couple of minutes to sing a song, do a crazy dance, or do a finger play. Then it is back to work until we are finished with our goals for the day.