Sunday, January 12, 2014

Welcome to the New Year ~ 2014

In the winter, sometimes you just have to bring the outside in. 

Working on fine motor work. Scooping and pouring is used as a means to develop fine motor skills associated with practical life skills, not to mention the value of sensory experiences in young childhood education.

 Gavyn looking at his touch and feel flash cards. 

Veronika matched the words

Shadow matching. Different colors are telling clues when trying to distinguish between similar objects. Shadow matching challenges a child's visual discrimination skills by asking him to match a full-color picture to its all-black shadow.

 Lacing beads: Manipulating the string in and out of the holes takes a lot of effort for little fingers. It strengthens dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and the pincer grasp.

Using clothes pins to work on fine motor skills which are essential for everyday life skills such as writing, eating, manipulating buttons and zippers, and scissor work. 

 Bingo dobbers work fine motor skills. The idea is that you do not paint/color with them, you have to lift them up and down. We did hand over hand to dot the letter "a" and as we dotted it we would say, A says a a a a, until we finished. Then I let them dot all over the paper on their own.

 We also practice our letter sounds the fun way! Allie alligator says a a a, Ellie elephant says e e e. 

 We also work on self help skills. After meals Veronika and Gavyn put away their dishes. They also bring their laundry to the laundry room after they have taken a bath.

Veronika and Gavyn are doing really well in alot of ways. But one area they still struggle in is speech. They can sign over 200 signs, but we still do not have regular words, not even mama. Sometimes a word will just pop out, but then we won't hear it again. Once per month Veronika and Gavyn have speech (we are trying to get this moved up to move than once per month).  We just changed our insurance coverage in hopes that we can get better services than we were getting with our old insurance.