Saturday, September 15, 2012

One of THOSE Bloggers...

I remember reading blogs before we brought home our little two. I remember their excitement as they got ready to bring their child/children home, and I loved hearing and seeing pictures while they were in country, and then finally got to come home! I loved their homecoming pictures and videos and then... I remember how I felt when they stopped blogging. I could not understand how they could just stop, or not always stop but not give updates very often. I remember feeling kinda disappointed, and while I understood they were busy, I felt like I had helped them home and I wanted so much to continue to follow along. I remember promising I would never become "one of THOSE bloggers".

I certainly did not set out to be "One of THOSE Bloggers", in fact, I doubt any of THOSE bloggers ever do. Coming home brought many changes around our house, and now that I in the same position as "THOSE" bloggers, I realize I AM one of them.

So you must be wondering what in the world has kept us so busy that I have had little time to blog? I will do my best to explain.
Since we have been home, both Veronika and Gavyn have ...
been to the pediatrician thee times
had their eyes checked
had chest x-rays
had EKGs
had two sets of blood work
had their hearing checked
had our insurance PT evaluation 
had our insurance OT evaluation
had a neurology exam (for Gavyn)
had a meeting to set up PT with Early Intervention
  • had their PT evaluation
  • had another meeting to go over the results
gone to our first Down syndrome play group

And those are only things we have done OUTSIDE the home!!
At home we have had a lot going on...
Our oldest daughter moved back home so she could go back to college, and then in Sept. our teenagers started back in school, for our son it was his first year of high school, and our daughter it was her second year in high school. We try hard to balance everything with Veronika and Gavyn, giving them a chance to play and discover, but also work on muscle tone, gross motor, fine motor, and oral stimulation. So while Veronika and Gavyn are napping, I normally fill my time with cleaning up around the house and taking a little break for myself. But I hate to leave you hanging, so while I admit I have become "one of those bloggers" I guess sometimes I wonder, if anyone is actually reading my blog posts. I ended up moderating comments because of blog trolls and since then my comments have trickled down. I am not certain if it is because I have moderated the comments which means a little more work to leave one, or if it is because no one is reading it anymore. So if you are reading please let me know!!

We had a double birthday party for them and they had a great time!!!

 Please excuse the chicken wire in the background, my amazing husband was building me a little support cage for my garden so my green bean plants dont fall over.
 We had a BBQ and cooked up some burgers and hotdogs, I made some cupcakes for everyone, and then a smash cake for Veronika and Gavyn. They LOVED it!!

I always wondered... is there a hard part to adopting? Honestly, for me, I would have to say YES!! There are several things that are/were hard...
  1. Being away from family while you travel
  2. Seeing other children there and then having to leave them behind
  3. Having 20+ days with your husband 24/7 (I LOVE being with my husband) to being without him for 20+ days while you are alone (didn't like HATED being alone and missed everyone like mad)
  4. Flying home alone with two babies (crazy, insane, hard, what was I thinking, so amazingly tired, how they expect a person to eat when they dont give you the bulkhead seating you requested and you have a baby in your lap so you cant put your laptray down to eat???  not easy, but the babies were amazingly well behaved and hardly cried at all, and were the quietest and best behaved children on the whole flight, of course the child behind my seat did not fit into that description and had the best time kicking the living daylights out of my seat, moving her feet in time to the beat of the music she was listening too)
  5. Getting back home and being excited to see everyone and realizing that your husband has to go into work every day and you no longer have him around all day
  6. Finding your groove again (going from working full time for over ten years to being a stay at home mom again)
  7. Realizing that just because you are tired you have appointment after appointment to go to (including one the day after I got back home)
One Look at These Two 

And you know it was SO worth it!!


  1. Let's see if this works.

    Glad to hear that everyone is doing so great. The babies look amazing!!!!

    Always fun for the start of a new school year to watch the older ones as they get excited about upcoming events. I miss that so much.

  2. They look like the most adorable set of twins ever! So cute!

  3. *hugs* you do it when you can and how you can darling.

  4. I still read Rebecca!!! Yes, it's hard to update so don't beat yourself up. I've been trying to write an update on Hazel for a month now and it just hasn't happened. In the end, you have to take care of your family first!

  5. I so look forward to your updates and the darling pictures!!! Thanks for taking the time to share them :-)

  6. I still read. They are too adorable.

  7. Thank you for updating the blog. We enjoy your blog.
    prayers and hugs

  8. I do enjoy reading your updates and miss them when you don't write for awhile. I agree that they look like they could be twins. Love the last picture where they are laying in the grass.
    Thank you for letting us know what has been going on.

  9. I am still following! It is nice to be able to see the wonderful results of donating to the Angel Tree :) Thank you for the updates, I love to read them but understand that it's hard to find time away from those two cuties! :)

  10. I love reading the updates on your blog, whenever you have time to post!

  11. I have been following your blog for awhile and love to see the updates :-)

  12. I'm reading. I figured you've been really busy and couldn't update often.

  13. Still following!
    LOVE that pic w/ the dog. Every boy should have a dog. : )
    Thanks for taking the time to share!