Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little Princess

From the day we met her, we knew that Veronika was a diva. She was always very expressive and never for a moment left you wondering what she wanted. She has always had a way to get her point across.
She is spunky, and fun, but she can certainly scream loud enough for everyone to hear her. She is always on the go, doesn't like to sit still much, and is sensitive to others. If Gavyn starts crying, she will burst into tears as well or try to make faces at him to get him to stop crying.
I have been able to catch so much on camera and I am very glad, because unlike Gavyn, Veronika is very aware of people outside of our family.
When the physical therapy team comes around, she does not give them her sweet smile, or her little giggles like she does for us all the time. My dear friend took pictures of Veronika and Gavyn and could hardly get any smiles out of our little Miss V.
Veronika is very aware of others and likes to make her family smile and laugh. She makes all kinds of faces just to be silly.
She was blessed to be in a better baby house (orphanage) than Gavyn. However, it was not until she was home that she had ever had real tummy time. Since being home, she has learned to sit up, army crawl, rock on all fours, stand with support, walk with support, eat from a spoon, sign "more" and drink from a straw.
She seems to pick up on things so easily, and just WOWs us every day.

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