Saturday, December 15, 2012


Dear Doctor,

You are not taking the time to get to know my children. Before you try to slap a label on them, take a bit of time to get to know them. Do not assume because my 17 and 15 month olds wants to put your stethoscope in their mouth that they are mentally at a 5 month old level. LISTEN when I tell you how amazing she is doing and how much progress she has made since being home. Notice how well they are sitting up compared to the last time they were in when they could not sit up on their own. Ask how they are doing at home, do not just throw your papers at me that are to tell me about development, trust me, over the last few months I have more paperwork thrust at me than you can imagine and I really do not need 5 copies of the same paperwork.
Comment on things like how well they are doing, and how much they are growing. And for goodness sakes, get a REAL measuring device so you know how long my kids really are! I would love to have an accurate record of their height but with you having them lay down on the exam table and are having your nurse draw lines at their head and feet, that is just not working. After all, I am sure my child has not lost 2 inches since their last visit.
If you give my child a shot and they have a reaction to it, at least pretend to be concerned. As a parent, I am very against doing things that I know hurt my child to begin with. Immunizations are one of those really gray areas for me. When my child gets immunizations and then breaks out in a fever and spots all over her whole body and we take her in to see you the next day about it and you send us home saying "just watch it", I am not feeling encouraged to take her back to get more shots the next time.  When I call back and report that the spots are spreading, and request that you call me back, please understand that I am a concerned parent. My child is in pain and uncomfortable. Unless you know 100% what is the problem, shouldn't you be a little more concerned instead of just acting like it is no big deal?
When I tell you that we have a family history of something, do NOT make a comment that makes me feel like my family is a freak (because we have had different reactions to meds and shots than most of your patients)and since this child is not my biological child I don't need to worry about that happening.
WE are paying YOU! We are lining YOUR pockets. We can very easily find another doctor. In fact, We are already looking right now.
Thank you and Have a Nice Day!

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