Thursday, April 18, 2013


Veronika and Gavyn have taken off with a signing explosion!!
A month ago I could hardly get them to sign anything, and now they are signing tons of different things!
Veronika: cold, hot, bath, finished, fish, drink, please, thank you, more, eat, cracker
Gavyn: finished, bath, more, dada, mama, drink,
There are more but I can not think of them at this time. One thing we are doing with signing is understanding that when a baby is just learning signs they might not get them perfect right away. They will often make signing approximations. You can see that with Gavyn when he tries to sign bath. He even makes the "b" sound to go with bath, but his hands are not in the correct location. The important thing is that he is trying to communicate and we could not be more thrilled!
You can read more about Signing Approximations on this website:Baby Sign Language Academy

Here is a video of Veronika signing fish and trying to moo when she sees the picture of the cow.

They have been doing so well with trying to sign and even vocalize! So proud of  them!

 They are showing they understand more and more every day. When we get into the bathtub, I can ask Veronika to wash her face and she will take the wash cloth and wash her own face! 
Gavyn shows that he is understanding more too by being able to follow requests for him to ask for a drink rather than scream about it. 
We can hardly wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

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  1. They are gorgeous! How exciting for them to have started communicating!!