Friday, August 23, 2013

Little Tot Preschool

The first "offical" day of school is still a couple weeks away and our 15 year old is soaking up every moment of summer he can by relaxing and not doing much unless he has to.
On the other hand, Veronika and Gavyn crave structure and love doing things so we did a little bit to prepare them for when school does become offical.

As you can see, Gavyn sometimes liked tipping out the colors instead of always placing them in the correct place. We are still learning colors, so I have to tell Veronika what color each block is, and then she can figure out which bowl to place it in. For Gavyn, I tell him the color and help him by pointing to the correct bowl. 
With Veronika only being 25 months old, and Gavyn only 23 months old, I think they are doing pretty good especially since the first year of their life was in an orphanage and they could not even sit up and had never had any therapy of any kind or any stimulation or anything! Yes I would say they are doing very good!  

After they were finished we hung their master pieces on the fridge!
Then finished our preschool time off with a song...

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