Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Every Day is a Day for Learning

Working on building finger strength for later being able to use scissors
 Reading Books
Sometimes schooling is yummy!! 
 Recycle, reduce, reuse!
 We reused soda bottles to practice picking up beads and putting them into the bottles then dumping them out and doing it again!

 Discovering Animals

Some days we are so busy with life that school does not look like school. Some days it looks like a trip to a tree farm where we get to discover all kinds of different animals. Some other days the house is just screaming to be cleaned and so a soda bottle and some beads make for a perfect tool to work on fine motor skills.
Other times we are in a cooking mood and school includes pouring, stirring, or helping make cookies. 
Books are a big deal in our house, we have a bookshelf loaded with books that are a constant source of joy. 
We just started working with clothes pins and practicing taking them off of the edge of a basket. They are brand new so still really stiff and hard to open and close so it is easier to take them off than put them on.
Learning can happen every day no matter what your day looks like!

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