Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fun School

Sometimes school is sitting down and just working on things like

Ellie working on her Handwriting Without Tears book

or the computer
Alina working on math and language arts in a program called IXL

or coloring
Veronika works on her fine motor skills with coloring
Sometimes school looks like this....
sorting apples by color, checking which has more/less, adding green+red

Tasting different apples to see which kind was our favorite: Fuji was Alina's, Ellie liked the Granny Smith the best

Peeling an apple - We did hand over hand

Trying to peel the apples, We did hand over hand

Ellie was able to peel two apples on her own!

Alina peeled two apples on her own!

Veronika and Gavyn helped put the apple slices in the crock pot

Apples with some cinnamon added ready for cooking!

Turning into applesauce
Ellie also helped cook dinner by peeling the carrots! 

So, sometimes we just have to sit and get things done, but we also get to have Fun at school too!

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