Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

This is one of the hardest Mother's Days I have had so far. My two oldest daughters have already grown up and moved out and live in other states, and Sydney and Lucien are far away in another country not having me there to hold them and rock them to sleep, to sing songs with them, and to tell them how wonderful they are.
BUT.... soon we will be getting a date and they WILL have me holding them and loving them. However, for many children, no one is coming. There are still SO many children that are waiting. Waiting for someone to give them a chance. To take the risk, to open their hears to these precious little ones.
So for this Mother's Day, it is my mission to help find families for as many little ones as I can. And God willing, this will be the last Mother's Day, they spend without a mom.

ALL of these children can be found on Reece's Rainbow if you would like more information.
Carter - Down Syndrome- At the last update, he was able to sit, crawl, and pull himself up.  He was also learning to self-feed. (More pictures available.)
Kurt - He has very mild CP.  He is able to walk on his own and is a delightful boy.
Anne -epilepsy, generalized form with severe seizures
Andrew - blind (addition pictures and videos available)
Melody - Down Syndrome
Turner - Down Syndrome
Rose - Down Syndrome
Alyssa was born in May 2003. She is described as being a calm girl. She has dimples on her cheeks and chin. Yates was born in September 2004. He is calm and quiet. They are very close. One of the siblings has HIV. Additional photos available. Video of Yates available.
Brett - Cerebral Palsy

Emilio- Brittle Bones

There could be no Mother's Day without children, and EVERY child deserves a family. Please help us find families for these sweet children.

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