Sunday, August 12, 2012

Getting into the swing of things

We have a lot of changes recently. Besides adding two babies to the family, our oldest daughter, Little Bit, moved back home.
It has been a bit of a challenge but we are starting to get into the swing of things.
Little Bit is enrolling back into college (she already has her AA) and looking for a job so please pray that all that will go off without a hitch.

Princess and Snuggle Bug have been home since July 19th. It is so hard to imagine a time when they were not a part of our lives. Their schedule has helped them and us in a big way and we do our very best to stick to it. We can certainly see a difference in behavior when we are on the schedule vrs when we are off.
Princess has discovered the art of getting into things and we are celebrating it!! Snuggle Bug is grabbing at things now and is reaching for things. While this might not seem like a big deal for some, for our little Snuggle Bug this is huge!

Tinzing is so amazing, she has been such a big help with Princess and Snuggle Bug. She loves her little brother and sister so much. She has also found time to baby sit for other families this summer, in addition to having to do some required summer reading for school, then write a thesis, several questions, work cited, the whole nine yards. The book she was told she had to read and write about was not one of her choosing, but one the teacher assigned. Cry, The Beloved Country. She will also have to read Macbeth, and several other books like that. I am so proud of her!

Buddy decided to grow this summer. We had been wondering if he would take after my family and be somewhat short or if he would shoot up as he hit the teenage years. While in country adopting Princess and Snuggle Bug he decided to hit a growth spurt and grew at least an inch or two while I was gone!

We are so excited that we still have about a month left of summer. I know in some states the kids are already back in school, but not in our state, we dont go back till September!
We are looking forward to heading out to the ocean/beach in a couple of weeks and can hardly wait to see what Princess and Snuggle Bug think of it! 

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