Saturday, August 18, 2012

One Month Home

We have officially been home for one month now! Gavyn and Veronika continue to amaze us with all they can do.

Veronika June 11st - First Meeting
 When we first met Veronika she was not sure what to do on the floor. We put her down and she was able to hold her head up and she pulled her legs up under her, but not to start a crawl, but just because it is how she sleeps. Right after this was taken she put her head on the floor and started sucking her thumb to comfort herself.

Veronika 1 month ago - Just Home
 After visiting Veronika for over a month, we finally brought her home! The very next day Veronika got to play in the ExerSaucer. She was fascinated by all the things it could do but did not know how to items on the other side of it. It only took about a week before she figured out how to turn around in it to get what she wanted. 

Veronika Now - Home for one month

Veronika is getting all over. She still has not mastered getting up on all fours and moving around that way, but she HAS mastered the army crawl. She loves to eat and enjoys things like snap pea crisps and cheerios. She loves it when I sing and do motions, such as twinkle twinkle little star, or the itsy bitsy spider.

Gavyn June 21st - First Meeting
 When we first met Gavyn he was very sick and after seeing him once they took him off before we could take any pictures. The next day we were back, visiting him for only 30 mins but it was better than nothing. Gavyn LOVED being held, but did NOT look at you and make eye contact at all. He did not respond when you talked to him, sang to him, or looked at him.

Gavyn  1 month ago - Just Home
 After visiting Gavyn for about a month we were finally able to bring him home! He went from a little boy who had never seen a toy before, to a little boy who was just starting to discover what toys were. He LOVES his floor mat with the hanging toys.

Gavyn Now - Home for one month

 Gavyn is very strong. He will stand up while in the ExerSaucer and has just learned how to turn himself around in it. He has abs of steel and is able to sit up for a minute or two without support, but he is not crazy about it yet. He is starting to focus on everyone now and when someone walks into the room he will follow them with his eyes.


So far, I have just been working with them at home, giving them lots of tummy time and doing what little PT things I have researched. I can hardly wait to see what they will be able to do once we start PT next week!!! 

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