Monday, January 7, 2013

The Adventures of Stink Butt

So I, the Amazing Stink Butt, woke up this morning with my mind racing and wondering what I could  get into today.
While waiting for breakfast, a store mail flyer looked really tasty. After all, it is made from paper. Yum! But Daddy took it away, he didn't even let me finish chewing the piece I had in my mouth.
At breakfast, tossing toast on the floor seemed like a good idea until Mommy would not pick it up and give it back.
After breakfast, it seemed like a great idea to to into Mommy's newly painted room and get into the plastic sheeting covering the floor. Until Mommy came and took it away and would not let me back into the room.
So I decided to go play in the kitchen, there are SO many wonderful things in there. I found the box of books Mommy had taken out of her room while the paint was drying. Those looked like fun. Mommy said she didn't want me eating the pages or tearing the books, so she would not let me play with them.
The internet cable looked like a lot of fun! But Mommy would not let me pull it out of the wall :(
Then I tried to get into the garbage can, but Mommy said No, it was icky.
So I tried to help myself to a snack of the dog's food. I even managed to get a piece before Mommy fished it out of my mouth and took me out of the kitchen, locking the baby gate.

I guess I will settle with emptying my whole toy shelf onto the floor with my side-kick Bubby (pronounced Bub-bee.)


  1. GO, VERONIKA!!!! You make us PROUD! It means so much to see you being a Baby Girl! Now, get Gavyn in with you and the 2 of you can really take on the house! LOVE YOU BOTH!

  2. Cute! DeeDee calls Griffin, Bubby, too! They keep us busy, don't they?!? LOL