Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Learning about China and Apples

We have spent the last three weeks learning a little about China. The kids have made a little video of a few of the things they have learned and worked on. 

This is what they are saying....
 China is in Asia
 The Chinese flag is red with yellow stars
    nǐ hǎo means Hello  
   Where is China? - points to China on the globe
The Forbidden City, in Beijing, has about 9000 rooms. 
The official name is People’s Republic of China.
      The Great Wall of China is in China it is more than 13000 miles long.

   China has more people than any other country on Earth.
    Giant Pandas, lives in the misty mountains. They like to eat bamboo. 

 We have also learned some little songs like Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes in Chinese.

Today we read Apples by Gail Gibbons, then tasted several different kinds of apples. We talked about different kinds of fruits and colored a paper with all different kinds of fruits on it.
We talked about all the different colors in fruits and how each of them taste and the different textures.  Of course their favorite part was the taste testing and deciding which apple they liked the best.

We had fun learning about China and are excited about the start of our lessons about apples and fruit, which we will expand into lessons on health and nutrition and some very yummy cooking projects.

Math with a Visual makes it so much easier for them to understand

Our little peanut surprised us today!!!! We have been talking about how to spell mom and dad and she has known how to spell them but writing them was more of a challenge.
Today she was just sitting there playing and she got excited and said, I made Daddy's name!!

After she made daddy's name I asked if she could write mom and look what she did!!!

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