Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sensory Bins over the Years

I was just on one of my facebook groups and was talking with another mama about sensory bins and I thought I would post here. We LOVE sensory bins. We have sensory seekers and sensory avoiders so we always have to have a variety. Sensory bins dont always have to be in a bin either.... sometimes it can be at the table, on the floor, or even in a play pin. 

 mess free paint - I put paint in a zip lock bag and then used duct tape to keep the bag from being opened
 I used different spices and let them smell them and also transfer the spices from one bowl to the next
  we used child size teacups and pitches for practicing pouring
 leaves in the play pin
we went to a pumpkin patch and they had a big bin of dried corn
basket with the large legos
 bottles with glass beads (I had to sit close to them so they would not put them into their mouth) was great for working on their fine motor skills

 we brought the sand/water table inside and just put a blanket on the floor to help keep it mess free

 colored rice, we did some for every season and found some great things at the Dollar store to put inside the sensory bin

oobleck and flubber

different kinds of beans
water beads

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