Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Names

A Name for Lucien....
When we were thinking of names we went through a whole list of names. Growing up, I always imagined I would name a little boy after both of my grandpas. A few years ago however, we found out that my paw-paw (grandpa on my mom's side), name was not the name we knew him by (his family had immigrated to the USA and since he had been going by a nick name most of his life, everyone ASSUMED his real name, instead of actually knowing it.) This threw the whole baby name out of order, because a name that had been planned on since my early childhood days was now no longer the real name of a man I loved dearly.
So after a bit of thinking, we decided to name Lucien after my paw-paw using his REAL name. And since I was closer to my paw-paw, it only made since that his name was first. But before I tell you what we will name Lucien, I have to tell you the story of my paw-paw, so you will know WHY we have chosen this name.
My paw-paw was born to Sicilian born parents Rosaria (Rosie) and Giuseppe (Joseph) Tortorice (which was changed to Tortorich upon arriving to the USA).
Rosie and Joseph with their children. My paw-paw is the little boy in Joseph's lap.
 By the time my paw-paw was 14 both of his parents had passed away and he had to help support his younger siblings.
He was a jack of all trades and learned welding and could fix any car around. By the time he was 17 he had fallen in love with Eleanor Louise. They were married and had four children.
Back row:My paw-paw, maw-maw, Aunt Lora, Uncle Tony Front row: My mom - Cheryl, and my Uncle Thomas
He worked hard, but also found time to make life fun for his children, and still found time to help his friends. My mom would tell me stories of how he would make Christmas time so special for all of them, and how he loved to joke around. Whenever a friend needed help with his car, my paw-paw was there. He even made time to cut the grass at the church just to help out.
When I was two years old, my maw-maw's car was hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light.  After that accident my maw-maw remained bedridden and it was up to my paw-paw to take care of her.
Even with having to take care of her, he still did not to stop and just think of himself. He still continued to think of others. He made swing sets and wind chimes for his family and friends. Not just the wood seats but welding the whole frame. If he knew someone needed help, he was there.
As he got older, his arthritis got worse, but that never stopped him when it came to getting down on his knees to pray.
Me and My Paw-Paw
I remember going to visit my maw-maw and paw-paw. He would always cut off a flower that was growing in the garden for me, and at night I would get to sleep between my maw-maw and paw-paw. They would tell me stories until I fell asleep and I always knew, when I was with them, that the world was a magical  and wonderful place.
My oldest two girls were able to meet my paw-paw before he passed away, and like he did for me when I was little, he took them to the garden and cut a flower for them.
My paw-paw with my oldest two girls, Britney and Ariel
My paw-paw is one of the most wonderful men I have ever known. He is one of the many undiscovered Saints in this world and there is no better name that I can think of, to give Lucien, than my paw-paw's name. Antonio. (We always thought my paw-paw's name was Anthony and only in the last few years did we learn that his parents had actually named him Antonio)

 We will give Lucien the middle name of James after my other grandfather. Both were wonderful men and we can not think of a more fitting name for Lucien.

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