Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day
Today, when I woke up, my amazing husband had left this message for me on my computer...

Good morning Darling.

I bet you thought I would forget.

Normally, for Valentine's Day, Mark will run out and get something special for me. However, this year is different. In fact... things have been different since around October. No longer does Mark go out and buy me my favorite things. Our Christmas was a lot less than usual. And just the random gift giving seems to have disappeared. At work today, I had one little boy in my class give me flowers, several other children gave me chocolates, and all the kids had a card for me. But not Mark. No, he did not give me a card, or buy me flowers, or chocolates. Because he knows... that more than chocolates, more than flowers, more than any card he could ever give me, what I really want is to get our little ones home. So every single bit of spare money we have had, we have made a point to NOT buy gifts for each other, but instead, to save that money for our little ones.
So when I woke up, and I saw that message on my computer, it was the BEST gift he could give me. One that showed me that he cares and that he was thinking about me on Valentine's Day, and loving me so much, and wanting our little ones home SO much, that he will give up any and every single holiday it takes, to get them home! Because that's what love is all about.

And for all of you, who have been helping get our little ones home by donating, sharing, and/or praying, THANK YOU!! Your blessings are felt all the way from here!! *hugs* Thank you, from the bottom of all of our hearts. 

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