Sunday, February 26, 2012

Road Blocks

Roadblocks are always frustrating. You get to a point and you expect to continue easily on your way and then BOOM! You find out there are roadblocks. In some cases, you have a bit of a warning, with directions providing another route to your destination. In other cases even while you have warning, your destination, is not mapped out and you are left hoping that you will get where you are going in time. But roadblocks are not always bad. They teach us a thing or two about faith, about believing in God and trusting in his perfect timing. This should have been a lesson I learned back in 2008 when Mark and I were getting married and we had been working on his immigration since February and he was STILL not here a week before the wedding in October. But God, in his perfect timing, made it all come together and the week before our wedding, Mark had his immigration interview and was approved to come to the USA. (The Thursday before our wedding actually, which was scheduled for the upcoming Wednesday) By the time Mark got his Visa in the mail (on the Saturday before our wedding) we sure were frantic.  By Sunday, Mark was in the USA and we were married on Wednesday as planned. Sure we had many roadblocks along the way, and at times, we were worried that Mark would not even be able to come to the USA but in the end it all worked out. 

Now, years later, we are adopting. Like our journey to get Mark here, we are facing roadblocks. But a roadblock is just that, it is a detour to your destination, NOT a dead end.
Right now the only roadblock we are facing is the finances to go get our little ones. We want to start to remove those roadblocks and we need YOUR help to do it. Let's start knocking down these roadblocks one at a time!
Our first road block is the cost of the flights. We need to knock out $5000 just to be able to fly. 
Maybe you know someone who works for the airlines, or who has miles they can donate. Or you can help donate toward the cost? If you are able to donate miles please keep in mind that we will not have a flight date until about 2 weeks before we fly out and we do not have an exact end date either, some families are in country for 5 weeks while others are there for about 8 weeks so that needs to be open ended. 
Let's start breaking down these roadblocks and build bridges instead. Because if we don't care, who will?

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