Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nursery Updates

Mark has been busy and hard at work on the nursery. We are filling up the dresser drawers with clothes for both Sydney and Lucien (hope they fit!!).
So far we have put up one baby bed, we will put up the second one after Mark is finished with all the painting in the room. It is looking amazing. Just look for yourself! He is still has several things he wants to get done, such as adding some birds to the large tree, and a little bee near the turtle, and putting more detail work on the butterflies, but it is coming along. Mark is hand drawing and painting all of these free handed.

We will be sending off our USCIS paperwork on Tuesday!! So excited!! We are getting there!! Hang on Sydney and Lucien, we are coming!!!

Mark plans to add a bit more detail to these butterflies

Mark is still working on these butterflies

Mark will add two little birds sitting in the tree (if you look at the baby bedding you can see what the birds will look like when he is finished)

Work on the small tree animals (still need to finish the owl)

With finished owl

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  1. Awww, it's adorable! Mark did a great job! I love the owls :) Getting closer each day...;)