Friday, March 2, 2012


Every time I make a post, I try to think of some amazing title that will attract everyone's attention and make them want to read my blog.
I hope to pull you in, make you want to read, get your attention and share my story with you.
However, I struggle with that. My life is what it is. A mom to four soon to be six, two who have already grown up and moved off and two teenagers who are good kids but are your typical teenager that can have tons of attitude when the mood strikes, and two who are in a distant country and I know very little about other than that they have down syndrome and they are orphans.
My titles might seem boring, and maybe they are. I tend to read other's blogs and I love seeing pictures. Pictures speak a thousand words, but for now, the only pictures I have are the ones of the children I have at home and the ones that have grown up.
My memories make me smile, but I wonder how much of my life would interest my readers.
I look back a few years, back to when all four of my kids lived at home. I think back to our first Disneyland trip. My older two girls were teenagers and we wanted to go before they grew up too much. One of my girls was in a big teenage mood and was a grump most of the time. I think she really had a great time, but of course she would have died before she admitted it. Every time I started to catch a smile or a laugh she quickly gathered her frown back and gave a pout. We had such an amazing time and we will always remember that trip.

If I think back a little more and remember our times when we homeschooled full time. We were studying about the westward movement, immigration, and the colonial period. We read all the American Girl books, and Little House books. We made corn husk dolls and traveled from Georgia to New York to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  We were blessed to be able to visit an Amish farm and got to see what their daily life is like and then toured an old Indian cave and mock old west town in Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

 I think back to when I was a very little girl, living in Louisiana in a very small town. Down a mile or so was a levy and I remember climbing up and standing at the top thinking how big it was. I held my bit of cardboard I had taken from a large box in my hands and looked down with eager anticipation. Then it was all or nothing as I threw my bit of cardboard on the grass and quickly jumped on. I sped down, wind blowing my hair, and me thinking that this was the life. The rush of excitement as I neared top speed just before I came to a stop at the bottom had butterflies tickling my tummy and I squealed in delight.
These things may sound simple to you. They may bore you to tears. But they are my memories and that is something I am blessed with. We can hardly wait till our little ones are home, and they can start building up their memories to look back on some day. And who knows, maybe someday, when they are older, they will have their own blogs and talk about about their memories. Or maybe they will look back in old scrap books with smiles on their faces, as they remember all the adventures they have had.

I know that this journey is one we will never forget. One of the reasons we started to blog about our journey is so we do not forget anything.

One thing I will NEVER forget is all of your kindness, the outpouring of love by so many of you! You humble me with your generosity. 
This month, we have had someone (an individual, not a organization) who wants to remain nameless, offer to match $500 if we can raise that this month.
Did you hear that?? WE HAVE A MATCHING GRANT!! If we can raise $500 or more they will also donate $500!!! 
  Thank you ALL, for becoming part of our journey! God Bless All of You!!

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