Sunday, March 11, 2012

USCIS and Flights

We now have our fingerprint appointment with the USCIS!!! We have contacted the local senator and are enlisting his help to expedite the process. We are getting so close!!

Thanks to ALL of you we now have our matching grant for March!!! Not only that we had someone just donate $1000  YAHHHH!!! I am beyond speechless!!! We are all in tears and humbled by your loving generosity!! Thank you so much!! Words can not express how blessed we feel!
Thank you so much for ALL of you who donated, shared, and prayed to help bring Sydney and Lucien home. We can hardly believe that we will be holding Sydney and Lucien for the first time so very soon.
I can hardly wait to show all of you their pictures and videos of them.
I am praying that the orphanage will let me help out during non-visiting hours but we will have to wait and see. I am sure they could use an extra pair of hands, but I am not sure if that would be against their policy or not.

We have had a wonderful and generous offer of flight miles, but it will only cover one trip. Round trips are hard to cover since we do not have a set time that we will be flying back. We could be waiting for court for 2-3 weeks so almost all of our flights can only be booked 1 way. That leaves us needing flight coverage for 3 more flights. (Mark and I will fly out together, then he will fly home after court.  I will stay and continue visiting Sydney and Lucien every day at the orphanages and then will be flying home with Sydney and Lucien after the 10 day wait and all the paperwork is done) If you have any air miles you can donate that would be such a blessing!! 

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
Currently, our prayer needs are:
1) That our senator is able to come through for us and get the process expedited. 
2) That we are able to get flight miles donated.
Together we can do this :)

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