Friday, March 9, 2012

Knocking it Out!

Good News!! We are only $10 away from getting our $500 matching grant!!!! 
We have passports, and NOW we have the money to travel!!! We do not have a travel date yet, but are being told to expect to travel in late April/Early May.

We have been getting ready at home. I am stocking up on diapers, clothes, and baby bedding. The baby room is finally finished and Mark has done an AMAZING job!!

We have contacted people in our area who have children with down syndrome and are working to get early intervention set up so they are able to get started as soon as we get home.

So now... our NEXT hurdle is the Facilitator's fee. That is $13,000!!! Before we can meet our little ones we will have to pay this fee. Why so much?? The fee for 1 child is $9000, for the second child not in the same orphanage it is $4000.
We are budgeting $5000 for flights, so that means we have $2397 so far of the $13,000 we need for the Facilitator's fee.

That means our next goal we need to raise $10,603!!!
I know it can happen, I have SEEN it happen for others! If everyone shares our blog with at least 5 friends, and asks them to share it with 5 of their friends, and everyone prays, and if you can donate, then we CAN do it!

Let's Knock this out and Rescue these orphans!! We would love some advocates and surrogate aunties/uncles to help share our blog and fundraising needs until we are able to go get them! Any volunteers?

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