Monday, April 9, 2012

A Birthday Wish


This isn't Rebecca but its her Husband Mark. I would post under my own name but I didn't get access..

Well by the title you might have guessed that Today is Her Birthday. Please join with me In wishing this wonderful woman of 4 (soon to be 6) a most auspicious Day. I wont say how Old as a Man never says such things, Even on pain of agonizing torturous pain and suffering  (aka a night on the sofa). 

 I know alot of you reading out there have already done so much. even in an attempt to create a fire hazard on my birthday by donating for candles. However I'm not that creative so I'm just coming right out with it the best way I can. If you know the best way to wish her a happy birthday ? ? It's simple. a Dollar here a dollar there in donations. Spread the word ask friends and friends of friends. All she wants is for our 2 angels to be home.

Well Now I've said my piece, and its time for me to go back into the supportive shadows once more. Oh and Shhhh she doesn't know I've done this yet. but she will by the evening. I now return you to your normal blogging lifestyle. This has been a public service broadcast on behalf of the smart part of a husbands brain.

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