Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hope in our Future

Dear Sydney and Lucien,

When we started this journey, I have to tell you that my heart was worried. I was worried how we would get you home. But my sweet little ones, there have been some amazing people we have met since starting this journey.
You what to know something? In a world where a lot of teens and kids are so self involved, I have met some outstanding young people. I am so humbled by them. That it took me THIS long in life to be so active in reaching out, and they are doing it NOW, while they are still young! I can hardly wait until you can meet them, at least with emails or pictures.
Let me tell you about a group of young girls that have been so active in helping fundraise for you! They have a wonderful blog called To Love the Unloved . These girls have been holding a fundraiser for you to help us get you home! The girls are Sunny, Taylah, and Savana. These girls are so wonderful, I can not say enough about them!
There is a young man who has an amazing servant's heart! He traveled with his family to go get his sister from Eastern Europe who has down syndrome and it really touched his heart. He has a blog that makes you pray that your daughter will find a man as wonderful as this man is. I love his passion for orphans and his love for God. So inspiring. He has put you, my sweet ones, on his prayer list and will help pray you home! This young man's name is Caleb and his blog is called Speaking for the Silent.

And then there is another young lady named Ashley, she has a little sister with down syndrome and her family is working so hard to bring home a little girl from Eastern Europe that has down syndrome. Ashley's blog is beautifully written and is written in the form of letters to her sisters, the one she already has and the one her family is working so hard to rescue. Her blog tells it like it is, with hopes and dreams and even struggles. Her blog is called Something Beautiful (Dear Laura & Autumn... Love Sissy)
All of those young people have one thing in common, every one of these young people has a sibling with Down Syndrome. And EACH of them talk about the beauty of their sibling. They each say they are blessings. These amazing young people are changing the way others see people with disabilities. They are our youth, the world's future, and even if they only change the way ONE person views someone with a disability, it will become a ripple effect that will in turn, help change the world!

And then there are the people who say how wonderful we are for bringing you home.
We are not wonderful. We are just regular people, it is the community that is amazing, you my sweet little loves that are amazing, and we are just so blessed to be a part of it all. We are just a normal family who has too much love to keep it to ourselves and we are so excited to be able to share that love with you.
So you see my little loves, the world is full of wonderful people, amazing role models, and filled with people that love you. And if you should ever encounter anyone who does not understand how wonderful you are, just remember how much you are wanted, how much you are loved, and how so many people, all over the world, came together to help bring you home.
We love you!!
Mama and Daddy

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