Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trave Date and Questions Answered

OUR Docs have been Accepted at the Adoption Authority!!! Now we are just waiting on a travel date!!
But we are still Short $10,000 !!! If you can please help,  $1, $5, every little bit helps!! Thank you and God Bless!!
Here are some questions we have been asked lately...

1) Do you have anymore pictures of Sydney and/or Lucien?
 no, currently the only pictures we have are the ones that you have seen as well, which are the ones that are listed on the Reece's Rainbow website
2) Why does it cost so much to adopt rescue them?
part of the costs include travel, transportation while in country, translation of documents, medical and visa costs, along with many other costs
3) Don't you mean you are BUYING these kids?!
no, even if we adopted domestically, we could still be expected to help pay some of the birth mother's expenses, we would have to travel to their state to go get them, and we would spend money on lawyers and all kinds of things, a friend of mine recently adopted a little girl from the USA and their adoption cost them about the same ours is
4) Why do you use the word rescue instead of adopt
these little ones are in an orphanage, they have no family, their nannies are doing the best they can but when you have an overwhelming amount of kids and not a lot of time or staff to get things done, things such as rocking a child to sleep, or playing with a child gets left by the way side, children with down syndrome NEED phy. therapy, speech therapy, and they are NOT getting it where they are. Recently a family committed to a little girl who is 14 year old and weighs 14lbs.. in case you missed that... she weighs 14 POUNDS!!! THIS is what Sydney and Lucien's future could look like if they are not RESCUED!! 
5) Why special needs?
Because there is an overwhelming need. People wait for years to be picked for a healthy child, or a child with no special needs. However, children with special needs end up waiting YEARS to be picked. Mark and I have felt lead to orphan rescue after hearing about the conditions in countries around the world. 
 6) Do they have any health issues?

We do not know yet. They had no known healthy issues at the time they were listed for Sydney that was at age 2 months and for Lucien he was listed when he was 1 month. So how much they would know at that age is up in the air. We are prepared for medical issues but praying for none. 
7) If they have health issues will you still want them?
YES!! We have gone in this knowing there are no certainties. We just want to get them home and get them all the love and care they could ever need to help them live their lives to their fullest abilities no matter what that is. 
8) Don't you want to enjoy getting old, and not having kids around? With kids with Down Syndrome you will always have to take care of them. It is not fair to your other children that you will leave them with the "burden" of caring for their siblings when you are gone.
First of all, I ENJOY being around my kids. My two oldest girls have already grown up and moved away, I MISS them. As for always having my kids around... if we had a big enough house, I would have no problem if my kids all wanted to live with us forever. I would never stop any of my children from making their own way in the world, but I would not force them out either. As for my other children and caring for a sibling... I recently asked a young man who has a sister with down syndrome how he feels about it and this was his reply "OK, here's a better, more straight-forward answer for the "burden argument" then what I just gave- you might know the B* Family, who adopted a little girl named C* who was literally on death's door when they brought her home a year ago, now she's doing great. Anyway, when I met them down in * a month ago, S* put the question to me of how I thought having a sibling with DS had affected my life. My honest answer was that everybody seems to automatically assimilate DS to "burden," "hardship," all these negative terms, because a person with Down Syndrome doesn't "conform" to today's opinion of how we should live our lives for the most part. The thing so many fail to realize is that yes, you're life's not gonna be the same as before, but the change is a good one. Yes, you have bad days, tough moments, and you're not going to have as much "me time" as you might have before- but it's all a change that overall, in my humble opinion, makes you a better person, surrounded by a group of people that are equally amazing because of having experienced the same things you have gone through. that's the, and I quote, "short answer" that I give people "  

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