Saturday, April 21, 2012

We Did It!!!

We did it!! We made the amount that we needed to get our matching grant. Some people donated by FSP and some donated by Chip-In, but all together we got the $300 we needed to get the $300 matching grant!!! Thank you so much to everyone who donated, shared, and prayed!
We have been so blessed. Throughout this journey we have made some really good friends, and have learned a lot about patience and love.
We are still not fully funded but I have no doubt that we will get there.
We have stood in awe and watched our FSP grow so much over the past two months.
When we started out I was worried. I did not understand. But I was told that there has never been a Reece's Rainbow family that has not traveled through lack of funds. I was told that the community is amazing, the support is like no other. And those who told me this are right. It takes a lot of faith when you are at the start of this process and you are praying that everything works out. It takes a lot knowing how far you still need to go and you worry that you won't make it. You worry about what people will think when you keep asking for more and more help.
But this is NEVER about us. It is about two beautiful children. Two children who are orphans because they were born with Down Syndrome.  Right now, we do not know the full story. Maybe their parents really wanted them, but were unable to care for them. We have to understand that life in the country Sydney and Lucien live in, is not like it is here. There are little to no resources to help them develop to their fullest potential. There is no hope that they would be able to grow up and get a job at the store down the road. They would not be included in the local schools. We will know more when we get to Sydney and Lucien's country. Until then, we pray that they are safe and that the nannies are patient with them, and sending prayers to the nannies that they will do their very best to care for Sydney and Lucien until we are able to get there. We pray for the day when we can walk through this gate so they can see their new home.
 I can hardly wait to update you with you tons of pictures and videos of them once we are there. Thank you, ALL of you, for helping us rescue these two little ones. It is because of your help, that they will not be sentenced to a life as an orphan, alone and forgotten.
God Bless You!!

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