Sunday, January 22, 2012

Compiling Dossier!!

Yahhh!!! Finally!!! We are now officially on the Compiling Dossier stage!! What does this mean? A LOT of paperwork, a lot more out of pocket expenses. The next stages will involve getting a lot of paperwork apostatized. This is $15 per page in our state, ouch! We will also be sending in the money for the USCIS, which is $85 per adult over 18 living at home (so just me and Mark) for biometrics, and then $720 for adopting. We will have to pay the second $720 once we are in country. 
The next few weeks will be super busy for us trying to get all the paperwork taken care of and hurried along.
Today was a wonderful day today, I was able to make an announcement in church about our upcoming fundraiser at JJ Jump, which will be held next Sunday from 5-7pm. If you live in the Portland or Vancouver WA area, and are able to make it we would LOVE to see you there!! JJ Jump will donate half of the cost of a ticket to Sydney and Lucien, we will also have raffle prizes for those who are able to make it.
While on that subject, there has been so much love happening lately, I have been blow away! Several very sweet ladies have donated items, or have rallied to get items donated for a giant Giveaway!!!
The giveaway will start Feb 1st. There are so many amazing items that I am going to ask that you tell a friend and have the blog set to allow everyone. We need all the help we can get if we are going to raise $25k by April. So excited about this and can hardly wait until I can show you all these amazing items!!
So I want to give a super big shout out to these wonderful ladies...
For privacy sake, I am only giving first names...(in alphabetical order)

These ladies have been going above and beyond to help.
Annie lives close to me and has been gathering items to help with our giant garage sale and helped get JJ Jump set up for us, she has also been working her tail off with helping set up a raffle for the event as well!!
Breanne donated several items that will be entered into the giveaway. When I saw some of these items I thought my eyes would pop out of my head, trust me you don't want to miss this.
Patricia has been getting ahold of all the people she can think of on Etsy to help by donating items. This lady is amazing, I don't know how she does it!
Rhonda is wonderful. We are adopting HER into our family and she is going to be Sydney and Lucien's adopted grandma!! hehe. Rhonda has been in my prayers and I hope you will pray for her as well. This beautiful and lovely lady has an amazing degree but has been unable to find work in her area. Even with this going on, she sent a beautiful donation to help with the Giveaway! Please pray with me that she will be able to find a good job in her area!
I am so honored to call these ladies friends!

In other news, our puppy finally graduated from puppy school!! Now he will get to move into the next classes. We are going to be really working with him a lot so when the babies are here he will know not to jump up on them. He does not know how big he is and thinks he is a lap dog, lol. But as an almost 80lb chocolate lab, sitting in the lap of one of the babies would NOT be a good idea. The trainer is really helping us work with him and I can not wait to put into action the commands he is teaching us. Our next step is to teach him that when someone knocks on the door, he is to go to his bed and NOT come greet them, but to ignore them. This will really help when we have the phyical therapist here at the house working with Sydney and Lucien. We also are working on teaching him that their room is off limits at all times.

So all in all it was an amazing day, tomorrow we do battle with our bank as we need them to fill out a paper in OUR format rather than theirs. From what I understand a lot of families have had this problem with this bank. We pray that we can get it all sorted out quickly.
Of course my Sunday post would not be complete without a little saying in honor of my paw-paw.
This is actually one he had in his home before he passed away. I love and miss you Paw-Paw!!

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