Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome Friends!

Thank you for following me to my new blog. There are so many things I can hardly wait to share with you.
Tomorrow I will be getting my medical done for my dossier. They will be running tons of blood tests and I will have to have a physical. While that does not sound fun it means we are getting closer and closer to being able to bring our little ones home!
In addition to that we should have our homestudy completed any day now. We heard from our social worker that all the fingerprints are back and we should have the draft next week! YAHH!!
Mark has been working very hard to get the dossier paperwork ready and Nancy (our stateside facilitator) has been amazing with making sure we are getting all our paperwork to fill in!

****Unlike my other blog this one is private, you are welcome to share my blog with your friends, but please make sure you know them before you tell them about my blog. I will not be posting this blog to Facebook. I would love others to follow our blog but I do not want to invite others who will be posting hateful things to this blog, thank you for understanding.****

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