Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paperwork, More paperwork, and Crosses

We were finally, after trying for what seemed like forever, able to get our bank to sign one of the papers we needed. Now we are working trying to get one more paper filled out. What should be an easy process isn't. Banks like to use THEIR forms, not anyone else's. And would you believe that they even have issues with writing up a letter saying that you pay "x" amount each month and that your home cost "x" amount?? One other thing we found out was that the county assessor's office did NOT want to say we "live in" our home, they are only willing to say we own it and have owned it since "blank" date. Sigh.
Mark is amazing, since he works nights, he is able to run around getting things done. I would love to help but since I work in the day, by the time I am off work, things are already closed.
This week has been trying to get one thing after another done. For Mark this means getting off work, him dropping me off at work, coming home to sleep for about 2-3 hours before he has to get back up to talk to people on the phone or run around trying to get people to sign paperwork, then picking Tamara up from school, doing some more paper chasing and phone calling, coming to pick me up from work, coming home, making crosses, eating dinner, and then going back to work. Whew! Just makes you tired thinking about that doesn't it?
So you want to know what the making crosses is all about??
We have set up an Etsy shop for crosses that Mark is hand crafting and hand painting/glazing after they have been fired.
They are so beautiful. In addition to the crosses he is also making some wall art plaques that have cute sayings, inspirational quotes, and even some really cute children ones, like the one he is making that has a cute little crown and says Princess on it. He will also be making a cute little boy one. We hope that people will start buying things that are in the shop The shop will be updated monthly (we have to wait a few weeks between firing and painting - so please check back every month).
We are so excited about it all, Mark is so crafty and ALL the money raised on our Etsy shop will go towards getting Sydney and Lucien home.
We are also having a BIG giveaway starting Feb 1st for the whole month of Feb!!
Please make sure you check out all the amazing things that will be given away!
I know for a give away to be really successful we will need to make our blog public, while I am worried about it, I know we need to do this for Sydney and Lucien. Once the giveaway goes live, I would love it if you could all share our blog with your friends and family and anyone you know who would be interested in helping out!
If you would like to check out our new Etsy Shop, just click on the picture below!
I want to thank you all again, so much!! Your love and support means so much to us. You give us strength just by standing beside us! What a blessing you are to our family.
For those of you who have been able to donate, or are planning on donating, your selfless gift will never be forgotten, we have been making, since the first donation, a beautiful shadow box with a world inside it and the names of each and ever single person who has helped bring our sweet little ones home. For those of you who are not in a position to donate but who have followed our story and prayed for us, we want you to know just how thankful and grateful we are to you! We never expected adoption to be easy, but we also never expected it to be this hard. Because of your love and support and prayers, we have been lifted up when we felt down, we could feel God working through you and have been given the strength we needed.
Thank You and God Bless You Friends!!

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