Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting things Done...

We are so excited!! Just the other day my passport came in the mail!! This is a big deal because most of our dossier paperwork has to have my passport number on it! We were also waiting on my employer to write a letter stating that I worked there and what my income is. I really felt bad about asking because the HR department is run by one lady, not a group of people, and she had already written two of them before. The first one she made was for my homestudy and did not need a lot of details. The second one she made a typo in and we were unable to use it. So I had to call her back and get her to make another, for the third time. After two emails to her and one phone call, I got the news that she has now has it written up and I can pick it up today. (the first email I sent asking for this was BEFORE Christmas!!)
So what are our next steps?
We have to get our bank to fill out a form saying we own our home, not as easy as it sounds because they do not like using anyone's forms but their own so we have to go to the top and have called the President of the bank hoping that he can sort things out for us.
The GOOD news is that things ARE getting done, and we are that one step closer to bringing home our little ones.
We have several fundraisers in the works. A local fundraiser is being held at JJ Jump in Vancouver Washington. Anyone with children, grandkids, or anyone who wants to come are bring children who can Jump for Sydney and Lucien are invited! JJ Jump will donate $3.75 per child that jump to Sydney and Lucien IF the family that shows up says they are there jumping for Sydney and Lucien. We have some great door prizes and a raffle.
For those of you who are not local, we have an online Avon sale going on where anywhere between 20%-50% will be donated to Sydney and Lucien. The % all depends on how much is sold. The more sold, the bigger % we will get. If you are interested in the Avon fundraiser you can check it out at
We will also be having an amazing Giveaway starting Feb.1st, so be on the look out for that. We have had an out-pouring of love from many different people wanting to help us bring Sydney and Lucien home by donating items. I want to add a large item as well but I am stuck between two different items and I would love your comments on which item you would rather see in the giveaway.  Let me know what you think... I will end up adding the one that has the most comments on it to the give away.
Kindle Keyboard 3G, Free 3G+Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display
OR Would you Rather see This in the Give Away??
Cricut Expression 290300 Personal Electronic Cutter

On another topic, a friend told me that we will need about a weeks worth of clothing for our little ones while we wait between having picked them up and coming home. Since we do not know their size yet I have been reluctant to run out and pick anything up. However, we had something wonderful happen! A few weeks ago we noticed an ad on a store's website that was selling a $150 item for $15!! Of course I ordered TWO, lol. I am sure everyone else did as well because a week after I placed my order I was told they were already sold out (poor person who ran the ad and left out the 0 on the end, yikes I would NOT want to be in their shoes). I was a little sad but it was ok. I was expecting that to be the end of it but then on Tuesday I got a letter in the mail saying how sorry they were that the item I was trying to purchase was no longer available and they were giving me a special code so I could buy $50 worth of items from there store. I went ahead and last night ordered $50 worth of clothes (which were on sale so I actually got quite a bit) for both Sydney and Lucien. They now have a week of clothing to last us while in country! And all it cost to get that? $7 YAHHH!!

Each day brings us closer and closer to April when we are expecting to fly out. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! 


  1. Glad to be here!

    Let's see, congratulations on getting your passport (that was a very exciting day for me!) and congrats on the great deal you got on all the clothing! If you post what size clothes you're looking for some of us might have cute things to send you :).

    As for the giveaway, I have a kindle just like the one pictured. Got it for my trip across the ocean. It is awesome! I'm a big reader and it saved me SO much space while traveling. I'd love to get one for my daughter.

    Having said that, I would short my kids lunch for $ to contribute to a giveaway for a cricut! (jk) So that's my vote. But either is terrific. And thanks for the heads up - I'll start saving up!

  2. Thank you so much!! So that is one vote for the cricut, lol :)
    As for sizes, we are thinking 6months+ they could be a bit smaller than this, but that is the size we are going with for now.