Sunday, January 29, 2012

JJ Jump

Tonight we had a local fundraiser at JJ Jump. JJ Jump donated $3.75 per child that jumped and said they were there for us.
With my amazing friend Annie, and my daughter we sat at the table near the entrance with our sign, papers giving out info, and even some chocolate lolly pops. When people came in we asked them if they would jump for Sydney and Lucien (at no extra cost to them, they only had to sign on the fundraiser side of the jump form, that was it!).
I have to say our town is amazing! We ended up being able to talk to so many different people and most of them said that they would be willing to sign on the fundraiser side!! We even had a few people leave a donation in a jar we had set up! A friend of mine also called up some of her friends and they came down as well for the event. Annie had invited a bunch of friends as well and they came down for the event as well!
It was an amazing turn out!! What a blessing this weekend has been.
We are getting there my friends!!! God can move mountains and I can see them moving through you!!
God Bless!!!

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